Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 3991

The exchange of blows between the half-step Patriarchs continued.

Ma Bangde crossed his sword forward, originally with a grumbling look on his face.

At this moment, he had become incredibly calm.

He was under the attack of two Half-step Grandmasters.

Gradually, he went from panicking and rushing to respond to the attack at first, to slowly becoming more at ease.

Not far away, Director Qiu, who was still fighting with Hector, had also noticed this side.

As he watched the change in the Ma Gang, a hint of envy flashed across Director Qiu’s gaze.

This b*****d had actually had an epiphany!

A month ago, Ma Bangde was still lingering outside the gates of the Half-step Patriarch realm.

At that time, Director Qiu thought to himself that even ten Ma Bonds were no match for him.

However, with the appearance of Lin Mo, this Ma Bangde was like a hang-up.

Not only did he break through to half-step Grandmaster in one game, but he also had the mastery of the Returning Sea Slash taught by Lin Mo.

With these two additions alone.

Even Director Qiu did not dare to say that he would be able to take down Ma Bangde.

What’s more, he was so blessed that he had an epiphany during the battle.

One moment of enlightenment, ten years of hard work.

It could be foreseen that after this battle was over, perhaps this Ma Bangde was about to become the strongest power lord in the three districts.

Thinking of this.

A strong sense of urgency could not help but grow in Director Qiu’s heart.

However, just as he was distracted.

The hands on his hands couldn’t help but slow down a beat.

In a battle between half-step Grandmasters, even a half second’s delay would be enough to affect the outcome.

It was also this half a beat slower that was seized by Hector.

“Xuan Bing Palm!”

A soft shout instantly woke up Director Qiu.

Seeing that his opponent’s attack had already arrived in front of him.

He secretly cried out in dismay.

With no way to dodge, Director Qiu could only cross his arms and hold them against his body in a deadly manner.

There was no way out.

Tired of fighting, he was unable to resist his opponent’s attack.

The terrifying force pushed Qiu’s arms against his own chest.

Director Qiu was sent flying backwards by the force of the blow.

When he got up again, all he could feel was a fishy mouth and nose.


Scarlet blood spurted out.

When Lin Mo saw this scene, a look of surprise appeared on his face.

Although Old Qiu’s opponent was considered a superior expert at the level of Half-step Grandmaster.

However, Director Qiu was not bad either.

Lin Mo had expected that even if Director Qiu could not take down his opponent, he would at least not be defeated.

Thinking back to the image of the two of them exchanging blows just now.

Lin Mo skimmed at Ma Bangde, who was in a state of epiphany, and had an instant answer in his mind.

He thought that the old horse was progressing too quickly, and the pressure on the others was invisibly strengthening.

Perhaps he did need to find the time to give this group of power lords, unified training for a while.

Retracting his thoughts.

Lin Mo opened his mouth and asked, “Old Qiu, can you still fight?”

The killing power of this statement was undoubtedly huge.

It was like you asking a man if he could do it or not.

Director Qiu clenched his back teeth and immediately wiped away the blood from the corner of his mouth.

At this moment, his arms were already covered in a thick layer of ice.

However, he still clenched his teeth and stood up.

“Able to fight!”

After roaring out, he directly shattered his arms.

A sharp pain shot straight to his brain!

It nearly made him fall down again.

Fortunately, with this strong will, he stood up straight.

“Come again!”

Director Qiu roared at his opponent.

The tip of his foot tapped the ground and the man instantly turned into a cloud of stigmata.

Both sides approached.

Director Qiu faced Hector’s attack and snapped his body sideways.

The speed increased by a fierce level.

In the next second, four streaks of shadow were revealed.

Ghost Shadow Stance!

Such a stance also caused Hurt to panic for a moment.

With four residual shadows in front of him, he simply couldn’t tell which one was his real body.

Taking advantage of this gap, Director Qiu struck out.

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