Always Been Yours Chapter 1092

Hearing these words, Wen Jingchen felt something in his heart and immediately discussed with Feng Shenye.

Feng Shenye didn’t hide anything, and talked about many of the cases he studied abroad back in the day.

When Wen Shiyu saw that the two of them were fascinated by the conversation, she did not bother them, but silently prepared fruits again.

When they finished talking, it was already very late.

Feng Shenye was heartbroken and amused when he found Wen Shiyu sitting beside him, sleepy with her little head spinning a little.

“Your sister is sleepy, if you still don’t understand anything, it’s fine to take time to ask me later.”

He stopped the conversation, then carried Wen Shiyu back to her room to rest.

The next day, because little Bao’er had his picture on his mind, he dragged Wen Shiyu to pick it up early in the morning.

However, Feng Shenye had an important meeting that he couldn’t go to and couldn’t accompany him.

Wen Jingchen was similarly stopped by work.

In response, little Bao’er was very manly and said, “Daddy, little uncle, don’t worry, Bao’er will protect mommy all the way.”

Wen Shiyu was amused by the little one’s serious look, but her heart was sweet.

The process of picking up the photos went very smoothly.

In less than an hour, Wen Shiyu came back with little Bao’er.

As soon as he entered the living room, the little one excitedly took the photos and went to offer them as treasures.

“Daddy, little uncle, look at the picture of me and mummy, it’s nice.”

Upon hearing this, Feng Shenye and Wen Jingchen were very respectful and stopped what they were doing to look at them.

Not to mention, these photos were even more beautiful than the ones they saw in the camera.

Especially the photos of the two of them together, just by looking at them, they felt warm and fuzzy.

Feng Shenye put his arm around Wen Shiyu and asked, “Do you have any plans for these photos?”

“I want to take a few back and hang the rest over here.”

Wen Shiyu told him the idea she had thought of long ago.

Feng Shenye naturally supported it.

Little Bao’er heard it from the side and raised his hand in excitement, “Mummy, I’ll help you hang the pictures together.”

In this way, the little one and the big one went about their business in the villa.

As the pictures were hung, it added a touch of home to the place.

In a flash, it was time to go back.

Feng Shenye took the family back to Vienna.

After having lunch, Wen Shiyu was a little tired and went to her room to take a short lunch break.

By the time she woke up again, it was already afternoon.

When she came downstairs, she saw Wen Jingchen looking like he was going out, so she couldn’t help but ask, “Going out?”

“Going to a new company.”

Wen Jingchen responded while putting on his shoes.

Then as if he thought of something, he looked up at Wen Shiyu and smiled, “Does sister want to go to the new company with me?”

Thinking that she had nothing to do at home, Wen Shiyu agreed.

The new company was located in a commercial street in a prime location in Vienna, with a single door and a very grand building.

Because it had just been created, the company did not have many employees, most of them were old employees transferred from China, so when they saw Wen Jingchen enter with Wen Shiyu, they all greeted each other warmly.

“Miss Wen, long time no see.”

Wen Shiyu also responded with a smile one by one.

Gu Shihan also saw the two of them, a glint of light swept across the bottom of her eyes, and then she obediently went forward to call out, “General manager, sister Wen, you’re here.”


Wen Shiyu smiled and nodded her head, still a little surprised in her heart.

She didn’t expect this girl to stay by her brother’s side, she seemed to have outstanding abilities.

Wen Jingchen didn’t know these thoughts of his sister.

Originally, he had planned to show his sister around the office, but he didn’t expect something to happen temporarily over at the technical team.

“a*sistant Gu, show my sister around the company and then take her to my office.”

Dropping these words, he hurriedly rushed to the technical team.

Gu Shihan naturally didn’t dare to be slow, and instantly took Wen Shiyu around the company before going to the office.

Once inside, she didn’t know where she pulled out a copy of Wen Shiyu’s album from and coyly handed it over.

“Sister Wen, can you sign it for me? I really like the tunes on your album, I feel like every single one of them is so good, you’re so good.”


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