Always Been Yours Chapter 1093

Looking at the somewhat shy girl in front of her, Wen Shiyu froze for a moment.

She didn’t expect the first fan to ask her for an autograph to be this little girl.

A strange feeling rose up in her heart at that moment, “You like listening to cla*sical music too?”

“I’ve learned some before, but not as much as sister Wen.”

Gu Shihan praised Wen Shiyu with a sweet mouth.

Hearing Gu Shihan’s words, Wen Shiyu was still a little surprised.

She didn’t expect this girl to have studied cla*sical music and couldn’t help but chat at that moment.

“How many years have you been studying?”

“I started learning at the age of six, but then I paused at the back because I couldn’t take care of both my studies.”

Gu Shihan didn’t hide, picking what she could to answer.

Even so, Wen Shiyu only believed in it about five or six times.

It was only when she talked to Gu Shihan about music theory that she realised that this girl really knew a lot.

Even some design professional things, this girl also said understand, can really rare, just ……

Wen Shiyu half squinted his eyes and re-a*sessed the girl in front of him.

The girl in front of you is not generally delicate in appearance, a pair of eyes is even clearer, unlike others who talk to themselves with a little ingratiation.

But what surprised her the most was that this girl had been sitting in the most standard posture when talking to herself.

At this moment, Wen Shiyu had a vague suspicion in her heart.

This girl should not be a child of an ordinary family.

On the contrary, her behaviour and demeanour everywhere exuded the upbringing of a grand dame.

Gu Shihan didn’t even know that her waistcoat was about to fall off, and was still smiling and talking to Wen Shiyu.

Just as the two were engaged in conversation, someone knocked on the door, “a*sistant Gu, the general manager is calling you over.”

“Okay, I’ll be there in a moment.”

Gu Shihan said this, but she did not move on the sofa.

It wasn’t that she was deliberately lazy, but she couldn’t leave now.

Originally, she wanted to get close to Wen Shiyu so she could get to know Wen Jingchen, but after the chat just now, she felt that sister Wen Jingchen was a wonderful person.

She liked her from the bottom of her heart.

Wen Shiyu also felt very comfortable talking to Gu Shihan.

So she didn’t notice that something was wrong either.

It was until a straight figure appeared in the office.

“a*sistant Gu, why are you still in the office?”

Hearing this voice, the two women who were engaged in conversation finally reacted.

Gu Shihan slapped her forehead in chagrin and hurriedly stood up to apologise, “Sorry General Manager, I’ll go do it now.”

After finishing her words, she gave Wen Shiyu a greeting and trotted out of the office.

Wen Shiyu looked at her own brother who looked unhappy, and knew that her brother could not tolerate a single flaw in his work.

But this matter, in the end, was also partly his own responsibility.

“You shouldn’t blame a*sistant Gu either, I was the one who dragged her to accompany me to talk in the office.”

She interceded for Gu Shihan.

Only then did Wen Jingchen’s face look a little better.

Although Gu Shihan had delayed her work, in the end, it was to keep his sister company.

Just thinking that he had something to do later, he was afraid that leaving his sister alone in the office would be boring, so he inquired, “I have to deal with work in the technical team later, do you want to come with me?”

Wen Shiyu was naturally willing to do so.

The two of them then went to the technical team.

The staff saw Wen Shiyu and called out politely.

“You guys are busy, don’t mind me, I’ll just take a casual look.”

Wen Shiyu responded to the staff with a smile, then also let Wen Jingchen go to work.

Wen Jingchen nodded his head, turned around and got stuck into his work.

Compared to the other people’s busy schedules, Wen Shiyu was extraordinarily relaxed inside.

She then noticed that Gu Shihan was also a*sisting Wen Jingchen in the technical team, and she couldn’t help but observe.

Unexpectedly, this girl was another kind of girl when she worked, thunderous and sharp.

“No wonder Jing Chen, who is so strict, would keep her, indeed she is a rare talent.”

Wen Shiyu naturally said to herself.

She watched for a while longer, seeing that the technical team was really busy over here, and that she couldn’t help much, she thought of going back first.

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