Always Been Yours Chapter 1094

But before she left, she approached Wen Jingchen and admonished, “Remember not to be too busy too late and come home for dinner tonight.”

When she got home, Wen Shiyu thought of her brother setting up a branch, he had a lot to keep him busy and was afraid that it would be very hard.

Then again, Shen Ye had also been quite tired during this period of time, so he should also make up for it.

At that moment, she called the housekeeper and instructed, “Make as much food as possible to nourish your body in the evening.”

“Yes, I will go to the kitchen in a moment to give an account.”

The housekeeper nodded and took orders, preparing to leave.

Wen Shiyu thought for a moment and called out to him again, “Have the kitchen prepare the also night snacks as well.”

Shen Ye and Jing Chen were both workaholics, and there was no guarantee that they wouldn’t work late at night.

The butler nodded his head.

As he left, only Wen Shiyu was left alone in the living room.

Looking around at the empty silence, Wen Shiyu suddenly found herself idle and really had nothing to do.

In the end, she simply went to the piano room, intending to practise her instrument.

An hour later, Little Bao’er came out of the study after cla*s.

He heard a sound in the piano room and walked over to it with his head hanging down.

In the piano room, Wen Shiyu heard footsteps and looked up to see the little one coming over listlessly.

“What’s wrong with Bao’er, he doesn’t look very energetic.”

She hurriedly put down her violin and walked over to him.

Little Bao’er flung her arms around Wen Shiyu’s lap, her voice was breathless, “Mommy, I’m hot and my head is a bit dizzy.”

Hearing these words, Wen Shiyu immediately sensed that something was wrong.

She immediately reached out and touched the little one’s forehead and found that it was a little hot, instantly turning pale.

Bao’er was running a fever!

Not caring about the strain, she hastily picked up little Bao’er and headed outside, “Housekeeper, call the family doctor, Bao’er has a fever!”

Downstairs, the housekeeper who was a*signing work to the maids was shocked and dared not delay in calling the doctor immediately.

After hanging up the phone, he was uneasy and called Feng Shenye again.

“Young master, the young master is sick, do you want to come back for a trip?”

“What’s wrong with Bao’er?”

Feng Shenye’s voice took on a worried tone.

The housekeeper didn’t dare to hide it and immediately told him about Little Treasure’s situation, “Young Master has a fever, Young Madam is now taking care of him in his room.”

“I know, I’ll be back now, you send two maids to help young madam.”

Upstairs, Wen Shiyu had already taken little Bao’er into her room.

Originally, she planned to put the little one on the bed first and then go and fetch a basin of hot water to physically cool her down first.

But before she could let go of her hand, little Bao’er pulled her back, “Mummy, don’t go, stay with me.”

The little one looked at Wen Shiyu with pity.

Coupled with his difficult look at the moment, it made Wen Shiyu’s heart ache as she looked at him.

“Okay, mommy won’t go, mommy is here with you.”

Wen Shiyu sat down at the bedside at that moment, but was still anxious in her heart.

She couldn’t leave here herself, and she didn’t know when the doctor would come, so she wanted to help little Bao’er cool down and not feel too uncomfortable.

Luckily, at this time, the housekeeper brought the maids over to help, and also told Wen Shiyu that Feng Shenye would be back in a while.

Hearing that Feng Shenye was coming back, Wen Shiyu’s somewhat panicked heart instantly settled down.

But before long, she was worried again.

Because Little Bao’er’s condition had become serious.

Luckily, at this time, Feng Shenye came back.

When Wen Shiyu saw the tall man who appeared in the room, it was as if she had found her backbone and immediately told her about the current situation in general.

“Bao’er just had some fever before, I thought of physically cooling it down first and waiting for the doctor to come before doing anything else, but I didn’t expect it to turn into a high fever now.”

Feng Shenye’s eyebrows knitted together as he listened.

He asked the housekeeper sideways, “How long before the doctor arrives?”

The housekeeper was about to answer when a servant hurried over, “Young master, the doctor has arrived.”

In the children’s room, the doctor was examining little Bao’er.

Wen Shiyu stood worriedly by the hospital bed.

Seeing her anxious face, Feng Shenye reached out to hold her hand and said with relief, “Don’t worry, Bao’er will be fine.”

Although she said this, Wen Shiyu was still very uneasy in her heart.

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