Always Been Yours Chapter 1106

“Grandpa Feng also went to watch the live performance?”

Mu Wanxian was stunned.

Didn’t Grandpa Feng hate this b*tch Wen Shiyu the most, so how come even he was there?

The old man naturally knew what Mu Wanxian was thinking and glared at the nosy Feng Shenjin before speaking slowly, “Well, I went to see it, it was indeed very good.”

“Grandpa, it’s not very good, it’s very good, my mommy is the best.”

Little Bao’er, as Wen Shiyu’s number one fanboy, was very unhappy with this comment from the old man, and immediately corrected with a pout, followed by nice words, thrown out like he didn’t want money.

He praised Wen Shiyu so much, with childish words, that everyone else laughed, except for Mu Wanxian.

Wen Shiyu was even embarra*sed by the compliment, but her heart was touched.

Looking at the few people who were laughing in front of her, and even these people were almost proud of Wen Shiyu, Mu Wanxian’s face became incomparably ugly.

Wen Shiyu did not think as much as Mu Wanxian, and thought it was because the elders of the Feng family did not want to lose face in front of outsiders that they said that.

Even so, she was still very happy in her heart, at least now the Feng family elders were willing to think about her, which meant that they still had some recognition for her.

At this time, Elder Mu also looked at Wen Shiyu carefully.

Originally, he had noticed this girl before, but just didn’t put it to heart.

But now, looking at the attitude of the other elders of the Feng family, he only took it seriously.

It was undeniable that, apart from her family, Wen Shiyu was actually not inferior to his granddaughter.

Thinking of his own granddaughter, his eyes flickered slightly as he turned to Feng Shenye and said amiably, “You have chosen a good wife for yourself.”

“I think so too, Shiyu is very good.”

Feng Shenye was not the least bit modest and agreed with Elder Mu’s words.

This time, Mu Wanxian could not laugh anymore.

Feng Shenye’s words were one factor, but more than that, it was her grandfather’s attitude.

Later in the evening, as it was getting late, Mu Wanxian took her grandfather and left.

On the way back, the old man looked at his sullen granddaughter, sighed and persuaded, “Grandpa knows what’s on your mind, but right now you’d better give up Feng Shenye, seeing as his second child is about to be born, there will still be a family by then, and you’re the rightful Miss of my Mu family, whether it’s for your reputation or otherwise, I won’t allow you to do things that will destroy Come on.”

At the end of his words, his voice became stern.

Mu Wanxian pursed her lips and nodded somewhat sadly, “I know.”

Although the words were said, she was still unwilling to do so in her heart.

It was just that she knew she couldn’t show it in front of her grandfather, otherwise he would most likely forcefully take her out of the country in order to prevent her from doing anything.

Master Mu did not know this, but he was also a bit unbearable when he saw Mu Wanxian’s depressed mood.

“Don’t be sad, later grandpa will introduce you to a man who is even better than Feng Shenye.”

He patted Mu Wanxian’s shoulder to comfort him.

Mu Wanxian tugged at the corner of her mouth and didn’t say anything, thinking, “Is there anyone better than Feng Shenye in this world?

Even if there was, she didn’t want it.

She only wanted Feng Shen Ye!

When he returned home, Master Mu was a little bit out of sorts, and after greeting Mu Wanxian, he went to his room to rest.

It was Mu Wanxian who went back to her room and thought back on what had happened tonight, and the more she thought about it, the more upset she became.

In particular, she was very curious as to why Wen Shiyu had come back.

In the end, she simply called her a*sistant, “Go find out for me what Wen Shiyu’s purpose is for returning to China this time, I want it tomorrow morning.”

“I got it.”

The a*sistant hung up the phone after receiving the order.


The following day, Mu Wanxian accompanied Elder Mu to have breakfast and went straight to the office.

Not long after she entered her office, her a*sistant knocked on the door and reported, “General manager, there are some eyebrows on the matter you asked to be investigated.”

“Tell me, what’s going on?”

Mu Wanxian looked straight at the a*sistant.

The a*sistant nodded her head and immediately told the situation that came out of the investigation last night.

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