Always Been Yours Chapter 1107

“It’s Wen Shiyu’s grandmother who has cancer, so that’s why Wen Shiyu came back from abroad to look after her, but I’ve investigated that Wen Shiyu and her grandmother have a very bad relationship.”

After hearing the a*sistant’s report, Mu Wanxian smiled.

“I didn’t expect Wen Shiyu to have such a grandmother, if this were to become a big deal, when the time comes, the Feng family will lose face, so I wonder if the Feng family will still like this b*tch so much!”

The a*sistant saw the sinister smile on Mu Wanxian’s face and shivered coldly.

Wen Shiyu was still unaware of Mu Wanxian’s plans.

At this moment, she was enjoying breakfast with Feng Shenye and Xiao Bao’er.

During the meal, Feng Shenye asked her, “Do you have any plans for today?”

Wen Shiyu thought for a moment and said, “I’m going to go to the hospital.”

“Didn’t you go to the hospital yesterday, why are you still going today?”

Feng Shenye frowned, somewhat disapproving.

Wen Shiyu sighed, “I don’t want to go either, but that old lady …… forget it, I still have to go and take a look anyway, lest something happens.”

Her upbringing gave her no way to say things behind people’s backs.

Even so, Feng Shenye still heard the meaning of her words and disagreed even more.

“The hospital is taken care of, and you’ll be notified immediately if something happens, so it’s not necessary for you to go there often.”

“But if I don’t go, I’m worried that that old lady will go and hara*s Jing Chen again.”

Wen Shiyu spoke worriedly.

Seeing this, Feng Shenye directly took out his mobile phone and called Wen Jingchen on the video.

“Brother-in-law, what’s the matter with calling me so early?”

On the phone, Wen Jingchen looked at Feng Shenye with some confusion.

“You come to persuade your sister to not go to the hospital.”

Feng Shenye spoke out the conversation he had with Wen Shiyu just now.

After listening, Wen Jing Chen agreed with his brother-in-law’s approach, so he advised Wen Shiyu across the screen, “That old lady is not in the right mood, it’s fine for you to go once every few days, there’s no need to go every day.”

Now that old lady hates their siblings to the core, if his sister goes over there every day, there is no telling how she will take it out on his sister.

Wen Shiyu couldn’t argue with the two of them, so she didn’t go to the hospital in the end.

She just had nothing to do at home, so she finally took Bao’er to the Feng family compound to keep her mother-in-law company.

Pei Xin Yi was very happy to see Wen Shiyu and her son coming over.

It just so happened that she was arranging flowers, so she took Wen Shiyu with her.

Little Bao’er was a good boy and helped to pa*s the flower branches around.

Throughout the morning, Wen Shiyu and Pei Xin Yi got along harmoniously.

After having lunch, Wen Shiyu took a break and accompanied Xiao Bao’er to practice her violin in the garden.

Pei Xin Yi sat next to her while drinking afternoon tea and observing Wen Shiyu and Xiao Bao’er getting along.

In fact, ever since Wen Shiyu became pregnant, she had always had a concern in her heart.

Bao’er was not Wen Shiyu’s biological child after all, and she was worried that Wen Shiyu would alienate herself from Bao’er in the future when she had her own child.

However, after observing her for half a day, she could see that Wen Shiyu did not have the slightest disconnection from Bao’er and remained the same as before.

In the middle of her thoughts, the sound of the piano stopped in her ears.

It turned out to be Wen Shiyu who had finished their practice.

Pei Xin Yi looked at the mother and son who were talking and laughing not far away, as if she had made up her mind, she suddenly stood up and said, “Shiyu, you come with me.”

After finishing her words, she turned around and left.

Wen Shiyu looked at her mother-in-law who was fading away, somewhat unsure of what to do.

Just as she was lost in thought, her body was nudged and at the same time, Little Treasure’s urging voice rang out, “Mummy, go quickly, grandma has gone far away.”

Hearing these words, Wen Shiyu hurriedly chased after her.

She followed Pei Xin Yi all the way to the collection room.

This was the place where Pei Xin Yi collected musical instruments, and there were many exquisite and famous instruments inside, all of which were worth a lot of money.

When Wen Shiyu saw this, she looked at Pei Xin Yi with some surprise and confusion.

She didn’t understand why her mother-in-law had brought her here?

Perhaps reading the doubt in her eyes, Pei Xin Yi smiled and said, “These are all the violins that I used to like and collect, I thought there was no use for them to be displayed here, so I might as well give them to you.”


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