Always Been Yours Chapter 1116

Although he could ask Xu Yan to force the reporter to tell the truth, he still didn’t know who was behind it yet, so it was better to be careful.

Xu Yan also knew the president’s intention of doing so, and after nodding his head and taking orders, he asked worriedly, “It will take some time to complete this matter, do we need to have someone suppress the public opinion on the internet first?”

Feng Shenye pondered for a moment and instructed, “Go to the hospital, find the medical staff who were present today, as well as the other people who were on the scene, and see if they are willing to come out and testify.”

Xu Yan nodded and left.

The hospital side itself was not used to seeing things turned black and white online, so it was willing to help.

“I am the nurse in charge of the old lady this time, what happened is not at all what was said on the internet, it was the old lady who first insulted Miss Wen and cursed Miss Wen’s child first.”

“I was also one of the people present today, as the saying goes, a poor man must be hated, I think Miss Wen has done her filial duty, if it were me, I might not be as generous as Miss Wen.”

“Although I was just an onlooker present, I would like to say that this old lady is not generally bad-tempered, she even smashed a man’s head with a cup last night.”

With these clarifications from the medical staff as well as the people present, the online public opinion was finally no longer a one-sided scene.

There are those on the internet who believe it and those who make it unbelievable, and the controversy is always huge.

“I think they are right, it may be true that we are blinded by a leaf.”

“You guys believe it, I do not believe it, saying what the truth is, I think these people are all paid by the Feng family and also the Wen family to come out and help this woman Wen Shiyu to clear her name.”

“Oops, now it’s a case of the mother-in-law saying the mother-in-law has a point and the father-in-law saying the father-in-law has a point, it’s hard to know which side to take.”

“I am not standing on either side, the bench and melon seeds are ready, sitting and waiting to eat melon, the plot reversal.”

Media reporters, seeing the heat of the story and even the possibility of an inside story, flocked to the hospital one by one, wanting to interview the old lady, one of the protagonists of the incident.

Luckily, the hospital side had been prepared to stop all these media outside.

“We are doing a normal interview, you are not in any position to stop us.”

The journalists were blocked and were very resigned to shouting outside the main gate.

The security guards were not afraid of them and shouted directly, “Our leaders have said that your presence will affect the patients’ rest and you cannot be let in.”


Meanwhile, Vienna.

Wen Jingchen came out of his office after working overtime and also knew about what had happened online.

Naturally, he believed his sister.

But seeing those unpleasant comments, his whole body was about to explode with anger.

He took out his phone and called Wen Shiyu on the video phone, blaming himself, “I shouldn’t have let you go back to deal with this matter in the first place, I should have come back …… right, I’ll have someone book a flight back now.”

Looking at the brother who was about to leave in stride, Wen Shiyu called the person back.

“You don’t need to come back, this matter your brother-in-law and I can handle.”

This is a little matter, Wen Shiyu felt that there was no need for her brother to make a special trip back.

But Wen Jingchen was uneasy, “I still want to make a trip back, the Wen family is always uncompromising, I’m worried that this old lady has other tricks up her sleeve.”

In his opinion, this time, it should be that Old Madam Wen was dissatisfied with their siblings and deliberately had someone discredit them on the internet.

“Whether there is a backhand or not, now that things have started to be clarified, it will always be resolved. Anyway, you don’t need to come back, settle down and set up your branch in Vienna.”

Wen Shiyu pretended to be relaxed and advised Wen Shiyu, “Again, even if you don’t trust me, you should trust your brother-in-law.”

“Alright, I won’t come back, but you must take care of yourself.”

Wen Jingchen was persuaded after all.

Hanging up the phone, the smile on Wen Shiyu’s face suddenly tightened up.

This time, the matter was actually not at all as simple as she had told her brother, instead things had developed beyond her imagination.

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