Always Been Yours Chapter 1117

Because of this incident, the share price of the Feng Group had already been affected.

Even though she knew that Feng Shenye would not blame herself, she would still feel bad in her heart.

Then again, the elders of the Feng family would probably also have an opinion.

As she was thinking, Feng Shenye’s gentle voice came to her ears.

“What are you thinking about?”

“You’re back.”

Wen Shiyu raised her head and looked over.

Feng Shenye sat beside him and said with concern, “What were you thinking about just now, I came in and you didn’t even notice.”

“I …… saw the news at night, Feng’s Group’s share price was affected because of this incident.”

Wen Shiyu finished, very self-condemned.

Looking like a wife who had done something wrong, Feng Shenye smiled.

He reached out and cupped Wen Shiyu’s cheek, his eyes facing each other, his voice was indescribably doting, “You’re imagining things again, aren’t you? It’s not like you haven’t seen this kind of storm before, so don’t worry, the company will be fine.”

After saying that, he raised his head and kissed Wen Shiyu’s forehead.

When Wen Shiyu saw that Feng Shenye was really not worried, she was relieved.

Remembering Xu Yan’s visit earlier, she asked, “Did Xu Yan find out any clues?”

“He found out that the video leak on the internet was secretly filmed by a media reporter in the ward and resigned from the original media company after filming it.”

Feng Shenye didn’t hide anything and told Wen Shiyu all about the clues he had found out.

Wen Shiyu’s brows knitted as she listened, “That person has resigned, can we still find him?”

“Naturally, we can find him, and there will be someone to help us find him.”

Feng Shenye’s lips were slightly hooked, very confident, as if everything was under his control.

Wen Shiyu was instantly convinced, but also a little curious, “How do you plan to do that?”

“First, sue the reporter’s original company.”

Feng Shenye roughly said his plan so as to rea*sure Wen Shiyu.


The next morning, the Feng Group sent a lawyer’s letter to that reporter’s original company, suing them for slander and defamation.

The netizens had been following this matter, and now seeing this operation by the Feng Group, some people who did not believe Wen Shiyu was innocent became shaken.

“So maybe this matter has really been taken out of context?”

“Keep eating melons to see the reversal.”

“New media don’t be a wimp, be bold and bring out your evidence.”

There were also netizens who encouraged the new media company to go against the Feng Group.

Unfortunately, this company simply didn’t have the guts to do so, let alone want to mess with a big company like the Feng Group.

So they quickly issued a manuscript to clarify the matter, saying in general terms that it was all the actions of that journalist alone and had nothing to do with the company.

The netizens were speechless when they saw that the media company had brushed the matter aside like this.

But more than that, they found it suspicious.

“Isn’t it too late to clear the air?”

“Could it be that they were scared by the Feng Group?”

“Impossible, if it was intimidated, why did that journalist want to trigger this breaking story even though he lost his job, what was the figure?”

“So there’s an inside track on things.”

“Am I the only one who thinks that journalist resigned like he was running away.”

The netizens were talking.

Other media outlets also smelled something unusual and began to think of ways to investigate deeper.

Unexpectedly, this investigation really allowed them to find out some old stories.

[Surprise! The reversal of the story, the unexpected feud between the gentry!

The first time I read this, I just want to say that Miss Wen is very kind!

As soon as these news came out, netizens were curious and clicked in.

When they read what was inside, netizens felt that their three views had been shaken.

It turned out that those media found out that Wen Shiyu was the daughter of the bankrupt and wealthy Wen family a year ago, and they also found out that Wen Shiyu’s siblings were kicked out of their home back then.

There were even media reports from a year ago and they knew that what happened to Wen Shiyu’s siblings was all the work of this old lady.

“I told you that poor people have to be hated, now you’ve hit your face!”

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