Always Been Yours Chapter 1119

A male voice came over the phone, this person was the same reporter Feng Shenye was looking for.

When Mu Wanxian heard this, she was immediately relieved.

It was good that this person was obedient and had obediently hid.

Not knowing what was in Mu Wanxian’s mind, the reporter cautiously inquired, “Miss Mu, do you have any orders?”

“Now that Feng Shenye has set his eyes on you, I don’t think it’s very useful for you to hide anymore, so it’s best to go outside to avoid the wind and come back after a while.”

Mu Wanxian spoke out her thoughts directly.

The reporter, however, was a little reluctant, “Miss Mu, this is not the same as what we talked about before, and what about my family if I leave?”

“Originally, plans can’t catch up with changes, you don’t want to be caught by Feng Shenye, do you?”

Mu Wanxian intimidated the reporter, “You should be clear about how powerful the Feng Group is in South City, if you are found by him, what will happen to you, I believe you are clear even if I don’t say it.”

At these words, the reporter fell silent.

Mu Wanxian continued, “As for your family, I can send someone to take care of them, and if you agree, I will add one million to the original price for you afterwards.”

The journalist was moved.

As Mu Wanxian said, if he was found by Feng Shenye, his fate would be self-evident.

So leaving was indeed the best option, and he could still get an extra million.

With this money, when things had pa*sed, he could take his wife and children and leave South City to live a rich life elsewhere without worrying about food or clothing.

Although the reporter didn’t say anything, Mu Wanxian knew that this reporter had wavered.

At that moment, she stopped persuading, dropped a sentence and hung up the phone.

“Think about it, whether you want to leave or go to jail.”

After the phone call hung up, the journalist kept an eye on the news online.

He found out that his former company, not only had they cleared their relationship with him, they had even exposed some of his information in order to divert the pressure from the netizens as well as Feng’s group.

Seeing this, he immediately panicked, and without any further hesitation promised Mu Wanxian to leave.

That night, he disguised himself and went straight to the train station, intending to leave overnight.

Unexpectedly, he had just bought his ticket when a group of men in black leapt out of nowhere and jumped straight at him.

“What do you want, let go of me!”

The journalist was terrified and struggled with his legs, but to no avail.

The other pa*sengers around him were also shocked and looked at the men in black in disbelief.

It was the journalist who, after struggling in vain, was ready to seek help from the pa*sers-by around him.

Before he could speak again, his mouth was covered and a pungent smell was inhaled into his nostrils, followed by a fainting spell.

I don’t know how long pa*sed, but the journalist’s head sank and he woke up.

At the same time images about the time before he fell unconscious flashed through his mind like a movie replay.

Thinking of the image of his abduction, the journalist was in a state of panic.

He looked around and found himself in a basement, surrounded by darkness and out of reach.

“Is there anyone?”

He spoke in a shaky voice.

However, apart from the sound of his breathing, there was no other sound around him, the silence was terrifying.

Terrified, the journalist intended to feel his way out, only to find a chain tied to his foot.

Reluctantly, he tried to untie the chain with his hands, but it was no use at all.

Finally he fell to the ground in a bit of a heap and cried out to the surroundings, “I know you’re around, let me out, you’re breaking the law!”

“Let me out of here…”

But no matter how he shouted, no one paid any attention.

The silence around him was driving him crazy.

He thought it was Feng Shenye who had arrested him and began to beg for mercy.

“Mr. Feng, I know I’m wrong, please let me out, as long as you let me go, I promise to tell you everything and explain everything.”

Even so, no one came to pay attention to the reporter.

Unbeknownst to him, his every move had long since been transmitted to the internet through the people monitoring it.

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