Always Been Yours Chapter 1118

“Crap, I’ve seen vicious grandmothers, I’ve never seen such vicious ones.”

“Saying that people Wen Shiyu siblings are white-eyed wolves, you don’t even look at what you’ve done.”

“They say that when you have a stepmother, you have a stepfather, I see that now you have a stepgrandmother too, when it’s useless, you abandon it, and when you need it, you don’t compromise.”

“If what the internet says is true, I do think there’s nothing wrong with what Wen Shiyu did.”

“Why should you put up with it when you’re old and disrespectful? Does it make sense for you to be old?”

“If I were to say, if Wen Shiyu really didn’t care about this old lady, how would this old lady have money for hospitalization.”

“What I said upstairs is good, I just watched the previous video and found out that the ward that the old lady is staying in is a high cla*s ward, it’s several thousand a day.”

Many netizens spoke up for Wen Shiyu and crusaded against the old lady.

But there were still some who maintained a skeptical view.

“Could this be Wen Shiyu’s way of clearing her name?”

“Even if the old lady has done something excessive, as a junior you shouldn’t hit your elders.”

Seeing these netizens who spoke up for the old lady, others were in disagreement.

“Some people don’t advise others to be kind if they haven’t experienced their pain.”

“This old lady doesn’t even consider herself as an elder, why should others respect her as an elder, the old ancestors didn’t promote foolish filial piety hundreds of years ago.”

“Saying that people are whitewashing, could Feng’s group still fake news from a year ago?”

Netizens were divided in their opinions.

Unlike their arguments, Wen Shiyu’s fans abroad were heartbroken for her.

It turned out that the foreign media saw heat in the matter and moved the domestic news over.

“Oh my god, how can there be such bad relatives in this world, heartache for my idol.”

“I told you my idol wasn’t like that, it must have been this old lady who did something that the idol couldn’t stand, and my idol couldn’t help but hit someone.”

“In theory, this old lady no longer has anything to do with my idol, but now that she is sick, my idol still remembers the blood relationship and arranges for the person to receive treatment in the hospital, which I think is kind and righteous.”

“Yes, if we want to say we owe it, it’s this old lady who owes our idol!”

Thus, more and more netizens, both at home and abroad, began to stand by Wen Shiyu.

Only a small number of people still had their doubts.

“No matter what you say, I don’t believe it until that reporter comes out and clarifies.”

“I do believe in Wen Shiyu, a person who is about to become a mother, can’t be that bad.”

“Maybe it’s just someone who is jealous of Wen Shiyu and is deliberately looking for something to tarnish her reputation.”

“Don’t say that, such a situation is really possible.”

“Who is fed up and would risk offending the Feng family to slander Wen Shiyu.”

“Maybe there are just people who are fed up and can’t see the good in people.”

Netizens were splitting hairs online.

But no matter what, the situation at hand was a good sign for Wen Shiyu.

Mu Wanxian had been following the direction of things.

Now seeing Wen Shiyu’s vague tendency to clean up her act, she was very dissatisfied.

Obviously, the Feng Group was muddying the waters, withdrawing the hot search and at the same time lending a hand to distract the netizens’ attention.

Because Mu Wanxian could see that Feng Shenye was putting pressure on that media company, wanting that media company to push the journalist out.

So the key to the matter now lies in the reporter.

The journalist was holding the key evidence, which was what Feng Shenye lacked now.

Thinking of this, Mu Wanxian half narrowed her eyes.

She couldn’t let Feng Shenye force this reporter out, otherwise the more the truth about this matter was investigated, the more untenable the public opinion she had put out before would be.

And there was a chance that she might also be found out.

After thinking for a moment, Mu Wanxian felt that letting that reporter leave now was the most advantageous way to handle the situation now.

At that moment, she picked up the mobile phone on her desk and dialed a number.

“Where are you now?”

“As you instructed, I’ve found a hotel to hide in.”


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