Always Been Yours Chapter 1161

“Say nothing, just pretend I’ve liked a piece of rubbish all these years.”

Yet these were not the most serious.

The most serious thing was that after the story broke, Song Ling Lan received a notice from her agent.

“Because this incident has a great impact, many of the previously negotiated commercial performances have called me to cancel their cooperation, and some of the drama roles and advertising generation that I originally secured for you have also been cancelled because of this incident.”

Obviously, it was not even necessary for the Feng Group to deliberately suppress Song Ling Lan, she was already finished.

And for this result, Song Ling Lan simply could not accept it.

“How can these people do this, didn’t we all sign a work agreement, they are in breach of contract!”

She shouted in anger.

The agent stood by the side indifferent.

It was obvious that she was not surprised by Song Ling Lan’s temper.

After a while, she waited for Song Ling Lan to calm down before continuing, “Their cancellation of the cooperation is not a breach of contract, because it was you who broke the contract in the first place. I have long said that I told you to temper yourself outside, but you refused to listen, and now you have kicked the iron plate.”

Those investors were not fools, no one dared to mess with the Feng Group.

Although the Feng Group didn’t make any move after the incident that night, who knows what consequences would be drawn if they continued to use Song Ling Lan.

Everyone in the circle knew about this, and the media was well aware of it.

So for the next few days, Song Linglan didn’t receive a single job, and even the news on the internet was all black on her.

Unwilling to let her career be ruined like this, she approached her manager again.

Probably because she was used to being on top, her tone was not very nice, “You are my manager, isn’t there anything you can do to save this situation? Don’t you forget, we’re all in this together!”

“When things go wrong, you remember that I’m your agent.”

The agent sneered and refused, “Although I am your agent, I am not omnipotent, and I have applied for a transfer with the company, so I will no longer be your agent.”

After finishing his words, the agent directly turned around and left.

Seeing this, Song Ling Lan was so angry that her body trembled, but more than that, she regretted it.

She regretted how she had thought Wen Shiyu was a soft touch that night.

After asking for help several times, Song Ling Lan had finally tasted the bitter fruit.

But she was unwilling to give up like that.

In the end, she had no choice but to go to the Feng Group and look for Feng Shenye.

She thought that since so many people had blocked her because of the Feng Group, if Feng Shenye would just let her go, everything would be solved.

On that morning, Song Ling Lan dressed up carefully and came to the reception desk of Feng’s Group with her sungla*ses on.

Of course, the receptionist recognized Song Linglan, and although she despised her, she still asked dutifully, “Hello, who are you looking for?”

“I’m looking for your president.”

Song Ling Lan took off her gla*ses and smiled lightly at the little sister at the reception desk.

But the receptionist girl wasn’t compelled by her and asked with a leathery smile, “Then do you have an appointment?”

“…… No.”

“Sorry, no appointment, our president does not accept any ad hoc visits.”

Dropping these words, the front desk girl left Song Ling Lan alone.

Song Suzuran had no choice but to turn around and leave.

However, she did not leave, but returned to her car parked on the street.

Since she was not allowed to go up to see Feng Shenye, she would just stand guard here and wait for Feng Shenye to come out.

It was also her luck.

Although she did not wait for Feng Shenye, she did wait for Feng Shenjin who was on his way out.

“Second young master…”

She hurriedly pushed the door and got out of the car to catch up with Feng Shenjin.

When Feng Shen Jin saw Song Ling Lan, he immediately frowned, “What are you doing here?”

“Second young master, all my performances have been cancelled, I already know I was wrong, I also apologised to Miss Wen the other day, please help me to speak to Mr. Feng, let him let me go.”

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