Always Been Yours Chapter 1162

Song Linglan pleaded with Feng Shenjin in a pitiful manner.

In the end, she even tried to use her hand to pull Feng Shenjin.

She wanted to use the same way she used to deal with those investors to make Feng Shenjin pity herself.

How could Feng Shenjin not see that? At that moment, he directly stepped back and avoided Song Linglan.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

“I know it has nothing to do with you guys, but if the Feng Group opened its mouth, those investors would definitely not dare to do so.”

Song Ling Lan looked at Feng Shen Jin pleadingly.

Hearing Song Linglan’s words, Feng Shenjin instantly felt ridiculous.

“What obligation does our Feng Clan have to help you? Let alone the fact that you bullied my sister-in-law in the first place, let’s say that you are not a relative or a friend, it is impossible for the Feng Clan to use their connections to do such a thing.”

He looked at Song Ling Lan sarcastically.

Song Ling Lan also heard Feng Shen Jin’s unwillingness to help, and immediately became anxious, “But they all canceled all my generation and commercial performances because they were afraid of your Feng Clan.”

Feng Shenjin laughed.

Now he finally understood the reason why this woman had come to him.

“Aren’t you the one to blame for ending up in this situation? What, you still want to come to our Feng clan to bang on the porcelain?”

After finishing his words, Feng Shenjin’s face turned cold.

In his opinion, this woman was not generally thick-skinned.

After making a mistake and not looking for her own reasons, she actually wanted their help from the Feng Clan, this woman really dared to think.

“I’m warning you, it’s best not to come back to haunt our Feng Clan, or else the consequences are not something you can afford.”

Dropping this warning, Feng Shen Jin stopped paying attention to Song Ling Lan and left straight away.

The incident was posted on the internet by the paparazzi who followed the incident a short while later.

Song Linglan was humiliated for banging Feng’s group!

The paparazzi was also talented, and somehow managed to capture the video.

Although the sound was not very clear, netizens could still roughly understand it.

Seeing Song Suzuran justifiably asking Feng Shenjin for help in the video, the crowd of netizens was a series of mockery at once.

“This Song Suzuran has really refreshed my three views, how shameless she is, how dare she ask Feng to help her to clear her name.”

“Feng Er Shao has a saying, non-relatives, why should she use Feng’s connections to do such a thing.”

“This b*tch even tried to seduce Feng Er Shao, it’s really disgusting.”

“Speaking of which, the matter of Song Ling Lan bullying Miss Wen, Mr. Feng hasn’t gone to settle the score with her yet, and she’s running over here with her eyes wide open, this is looking for death.”

“Haha, when I said that upstairs, I remembered this too.”

“This Song Suzuran is really stupid, running over with her eyes wide open to remind others to clean up after themselves.”

Song Ling Lan naturally saw the news on the internet and was also in fear and despair.

Right now, she was already at her wits’ end before the Feng Group had even made a move, if the Feng Group were to clean up after her, wouldn’t it be difficult for her to turn around again!

No, she couldn’t just sit there and wait for death.

But before she can think of a way to turn around, she receives bad news from the company again.

It turns out that the company has decided that she is no longer worthwhile and is planning to hide her.

Song Linglan was not convinced and went straight to the head of the company.

But now she is just a person who has been abandoned by the company, and the head of the company does not want to waste his time on her, so she does not see anyone at all.

This is not all, after knowing that Song Ling Lan was abandoned by the company, other stars who were once suppressed by her, at this time also began to fall on their sword.

In just half a day, not only was Song Suzuran without a manager, even her separate lounge was occupied by someone else.

That night, the Doyenne Clubhouse.

Song Ling Lan sat alone in the card table, pouring herself a gla*s of wine one after another.

“You people who tend to be influential remember this, one day sooner or later, I will make you regret it!”

“I won’t be knocked down just like that, I will definitely stand up again.”

Although the words were said, Song Ling Lan actually knew very well in her heart that there was no chance for her to turn around.

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