Always Been Yours Chapter 1164

And Wen Shiyu doesn’t know any of these things.

Ever since the performance, she had gone into closed training and stopped taking any more notices.

Even so, Alice would record her playing the piano every day and have it edited and posted on Weibo.

The number of views and retweets is amazing.

What’s more, there are fans who urge for updates online three times a day.

This day was no exception.

Wen Shiyu was standing in the garden in a casual white dress, practising her violin.

Alice sat beside her, recording for Wen Shiyu.

When the song was over, Wen Shiyu put down her violin and came over for a drink of water.

Alice looked at the video in her hand and sighed, “Little sister, it’s a pity that you don’t go into the entertainment industry with that kind of face.”

“I don’t feel sorry at all, that place doesn’t suit me.”

Wen Shiyu shook her head, she was not a fan of the entertainment industry at all.

Seeing this, Alice didn’t talk about it anymore, but imported the video into the computer and started editing.

After a while, she took the finished edit and showed it to Wen Shiyu, “Do you see how I look like this?”

“It looks good, it feels like the finished product is even better than the previous one. If this continues, I think you can consider doing video post-production instead of being an a*sistant in the future.”

Wen Shiyu looked at the video results and joked with Alice.

Alice raised her eyebrows, “Really, it looks like I can apply for two salaries with senior Sofia.”

“That’s a good idea, I support you.”

The two joked as they posted the video to the internet.

On the internet, the fans had been waiting hungrily for a long time.

Now that they saw the latest video that had been updated, they were all wailing about fairies below.

“It’s true that people are different from each other, Miss Sister is pregnant and still looks like a fairy, then look at myself, I’m so ugly I don’t dare to look in the mirror.”

“So jealous of the violin being held on Missy’s shoulders, I want to be held on Missy’s shoulders too.”

“You should forget about it upstairs, Missy can’t afford you.”

The fans were gagging and the atmosphere was harmonious.

When Wen Shiyu occasionally took a break, she would also go on Weibo and interact with them.

In the blink of an eye, several more days pa*sed.

The calligraphy competition ‘Wen Li Cup’ that Xiao Bao Er participated in was about to start.

The day before the competition, Yu Qingshu purposely stayed behind after teaching to explain the details of the competition to Wen Shiyu.

“The venue for this competition, is held in the International Senior High School, and there are two types of entry requirements, one is soft brush calligraphy, and the other is hard brush calligraphy.”

Wen Shiyu listened very carefully and asked again, “Then what does Mr. Yu think of these two types of calligraphy for Bao’er?”

“Bao’er has practised both types of calligraphy very well, which is rare, at least at his age.”

Yu Qing Shu looked proud as he said this.

It was important to know that the younger the child, the less qualitative he or she was, and it was already very good for an unusual child to be able to set his or her mind on practising one type of calligraphy well.

Little Bao’er, at this time, was also beside him, confidently puffing up his little chest and saying in a milky voice, “Don’t worry, mommy, tomorrow Bao’er will definitely get first place.”

When Wen Shiyu saw him like this, she felt so cute.

She raised her hand and pinched the little one’s cheek, smiling, “Good, then Mommy will wait for you to come back with the trophy.”

The next morning, after breakfast, Feng Shenye and Wen Shiyu personally took Bao’er to school.

Upon arrival, there were already a lot of people at the scene, with heads in full force.

“There are so many people here.”

Wen Shiyu visually estimated that there were at least a thousand people in this reference.

Feng Shenye looked at the crowded parents around, his brows slightly knitted, and uneasily pulled Wen Shiyu into his arms.

Wen Shiyu didn’t struggle either.

She knew that Feng Shenye was worried that she would be rushed into by people.

Thinking, she held little Bao’er’s hand tightly and admonished, “Bao’er stay close to mommy, don’t get lost.”

“I know.”

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