Always Been Yours Chapter 1163

Thinking of this, she slumped down on the table with difficulty, not expecting to see a woman with a distinguished air slowly walking towards her.

This person was no other than Mu Wanxian, who had been silent for some time.

Mu Wanxian had actually come prepared.

During this period of time, although she was at peace, she had been paying attention to Wen Shiyu’s developments.

Seeing the online news in the past two days, she knew that this Song Ling Lan must have hated Wen Shiyu to death, so she sought her out.

“You’ve drunk all your wine, let me buy you a drink.”

As she spoke, she held the gla*s of wine and handed it to Song Ling Lan.

Song Ling Lan froze, her eyes shifting from the gla*s of wine in front of her to Mu Wanxian.

“You’re Mu Wanxian, the eldest Miss of the Mu family.”

She instantly recognised Mu Wanxian’s identity, knowing that this person was the protagonist of an online scandal a while ago.

Mu Wanxian nodded her head, “That’s right, I am Mu Wanxian.”

“What are you doing here looking for me?”

Song Ling Lan half narrowed her eyes, her heart actually already had a vague suspicion about Mu Wanxian’s appearance.

Without beating around the bush, Mu Wanxian sat down on the sofa next to her and said straightly, “I know you must hate Wen Shiyu a lot right now, and not coincidentally, I don’t like this woman either.”

Hearing these words, Song Ling Lan knew she had guessed correctly.

This woman was really here to join forces with herself.

But she didn’t show it, she just said indifferently, “And then what?”

“And then is it that you can swallow this anger? If you can’t swallow it, let’s take revenge together.”

Mu Wanxian compelled Song Linglan.

Under the light, her pretty features became demonic and evil because of her hatred, “I know that you have been working very hard to turn red and have therefore given a lot, but now you have lost everything and even the chance to turn over because of Wen Shiyu, are you willing to do that?”

There was no denying that the words did stir up hatred in Song Ling Lan’s heart.

But she eventually calmed down.

“So what if I’m not willing, I don’t have any background, I don’t have anything, so how can I dare to go against the Feng Group.”

Song Ling Lan hooked up the corners of her mouth in self-deprecation.

When Mu Wanxian saw this, a glint of light crossed the bottom of her eyes, “What if I say that I am willing to be your background?”

“You?” Song Ling Lan was a little surprised, looking Mu Wanxian up and down, laughing, “Miss Mu is afraid that she has not forgotten what happened some time ago, your Mu’s simply cannot resist the Feng Group, are you not afraid of losing your Mu’s completely?”

“If Mu’s is gone, it’s gone, I don’t mind at all.”

Mu Wanxian said with indifference.

After all, the main power of the Mu family still lay abroad.

When Song Ling Lan heard this, she was really a bit moved.

Although the matter some time ago, Mu Wanxian and Wen Shiyu fought and lost.

But she didn’t lose in the family world, but in the fact that her calculations were defeated and she let people get a hold of her.

And Mu Wanxian’s family history was no worse than Feng’s, which was exactly what she needed most at the moment.

Perhaps she could see Song Linglan’s heart was moving.

This is undoubtedly a win-win opportunity, and since we both have the same enemy, we can discuss how to discredit Wen Shiyu and make her a street rat that everyone will shout at.”

Song Ling Lan wavered, but she still couldn’t make up her mind.

Seeing this, Mu Wanxian threw out the bait again, “Don’t you want to rise again and return the people who have humiliated you today one by one?”

“Do I still have a chance to rise again?”

Song Ling Lan looked at Mu Wanxian and questioned.

Mu Wanxian nodded proudly, “Of course, I said that I would be your background, as long as you cooperate with me, you will have a chance.”

Hearing these words, Song Ling Lan no longer had any hesitation and agreed to cooperate.

She wanted to turn over a new leaf and return the shame she had suffered today one by one!

That night, Mu Wanxian accompanied Song Linglan to drink until late, before leaving.

During this time, the two of them talked a lot.

Most of the time, however, it was Song Linglan who talked, while Mu Wanxian listened quietly.

The next day, the two of them went to a spa at a newly opened beauty shop under Mu’s banner.

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