Always Been Yours Chapter 1172

When he saw Wen Shiyu, he reported with a smile, “Young Madam, you also know that Young Master Jing Chen is here, so you came down to greet him?”

As he spoke, Wen Jing Chen had already walked into the living room from outside.

Wen Shiyu was quite surprised to see him, “Jing Chen, how come you are here?”

At this time, shouldn’t Jing Chen be in Vienna?

When Wen Shiyu saw that Wen Jingchen had returned without a word, bad speculations flashed through her heart.

“Jing Chen, did something happen to you abroad?”

“Nothing is wrong, sister don’t think nonsense.”

Wen Jingchen knew that his sister was worried about himself and lost his smile to deny it.

Wen Shiyu, however, did not quite believe it and asked again, “Is it really nothing?”

“It’s really nothing, I came back because the company over there has taken shape initially, and I have my brother-in-law to help with the business, so I won’t be needed for the time being, and it just so happens that the domestic company has an important business, so I came back.”

Wen Jingchen patiently explained.

When Wen Shiyu listened, she was relieved, “When did you come back, why didn’t you give me a call?”

“I just arrived this morning and wanted to give you a surprise, that’s why I didn’t inform you.”

Looking at his sister’s angry eyes, Wen Jingchen explained curtly.

Wen Shiyu immediately frowned, “You only arrived this morning, so you haven’t rested yet?”

After she finished, without waiting for Wen Jingchen’s response, she turned her head and instructed, “Uncle Chen, please go and inform the kitchen so that they can make some simple and delicious breakfast out.”

Uncle Chen nodded his head and left.

Wen Jingchen stood next to him and watched his sister make all the arrangements for herself, and his heart warmed.

“Sister, it’s good to have you.”

He couldn’t help but go up and circle Wen Shiyu’s neck, just like he did when he was a child, and knocked his chin on Wen Shiyu’s shoulder.

Wen Shiyu felt her brother’s dependence, and the smile on her lips was gentle as she spoiled him, “How old you are, still pampering yourself with your sister, get up and go have breakfast before going to rest.”

“But even older, I’m still my sister’s younger brother and have the right to be pampered.”

Wen Jing Chen said, pouring of letting go of Wen Shiyu.

Wen Shiyu lost her smile and urged, “Hurry up and go eat breakfast.”

“Not to mention, I’m really hungry now, I haven’t eaten much on the way.”

Wen Jingchen nodded, rubbing his stomach with a hard face.

Seeing this, Wen Shiyu became worried, “Why don’t you eat breakfast, is it because you don’t feel well?”

“That’s not true, it’s because the food on the plane was not good.”

Wen Jingchen spat out.

Wen Shiyu was speechless as she listened.

Just as she was about to lecture, the mobile phone on her body rang, and it was Alice calling.

“Little Sister, I’m already outside the door, have you packed up yet?”

“I’m ready, I’ll be right out.”

After the words were said, Wen Shiyu hung up the phone .

She raised her eyes to look at Wen Jingchen and explained, “I have to go out for something now, so hurry up and have breakfast, then get some rest.”

Dropping these words, she turned around and left.

After going out, she followed Alice to the temporary rented set up by Sofia.

“There aren’t too many cars usually coming in and out of this neighborhood, so the noise won’t be too loud, and there’s a park in front of it, so usually if you’re tired of training, the orchestra people can go for a walk there, and there’s a pedestrian street further on, so you can also go shopping.”

When she got off the car, Alice introduced the surroundings for Wen Shiyu.

Wen Shiyu looked around and found that it was indeed nice.

Then the two of them entered the training place, the decoration inside was still half new, the venue was also very large, and there was also a lot of music equipment placed around.

Wen Shiyu looked a bit surprised, “Was this also the orchestra training venue before?”

“The landlord didn’t say specifically, but I guess it was a music cla*sroom before if not an orchestra training room, and I had someone check the equipment here, it’s all still in good condition, and the variety is considered complete, so when our people come, they can use it straight away.”

Alice said, looking very satisfied.

Wen Shiyu also nodded along, “In that case, this place is really good, it can save us a lot of things.”

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