Always Been Yours Chapter 1173

Hearing Wen Shiyu’s words, Alice nodded her head in agreement.

She then smiled as if she thought of something, “Not only that, there’s a surprise for you later.”

“What kind of surprise?”

Wen Shiyu was very curious.

Alice, however, pretended to be mysterious, “You’ll know in a moment.”

Seeing her like this, Wen Shiyu’s heart became even more curious.

It wasn’t until they had wandered around the training set for a good part of the day that Alice brought the people to a separate room.

“This is the lounge senior asked me to prepare for you, when you are tired of training then, you can take a rest here.”

Alice smiled as she explained to Wen Shiyu and joked again, “Elder has given me an order not to tire you no matter what, Elder is so good to you, I’m envious when I look at him.”

Hearing this, and looking at the fully equipped lounge, Wen Shiyu’s heart warmed to the core.

“Looks like I’m getting the glory of my little baby again.”

She bowed her head and stroked her stomach, a sweet smile on the corner of her mouth.

After a moment, she raised her head and looked at Alice gratefully, “But it was you who worked the hardest during this time, thank you for helping me out.”

“It’s nothing, and I didn’t work for nothing, senior has given me a high salary.”

Alice said, winked at Wen Shiyu and teased, “Of course, if you ask senior to give me some more bonuses, I will be even happier and more motivated to work.”

Looking at the a*sistant who was getting into the eyes of money, Wen Shiyu lost his smile.

Just like that, the two of them talked and laughed as they strolled around the training grounds.

During this time, Wen Shiyu also took a lot of photos.

When it was over, she shared these photos with Feng Shenye.

Not long after, Feng Shenye’s phone call came through.

“The new practice room is good.”

“I think it’s good too.”

Wen Shiyu spoke in detail about the new training room, and also the lounge that Sofia had prepared for her.

Feng Shenye listened with satisfaction, “She’s thoughtful.”

The two of them chatted idly for a while before he suddenly changed the subject and enquired, “Are you going back later?”

“What’s wrong?”

Wen Shiyu was puzzled.

Feng Shenye smiled lightly and said, “I can pick you up later, it just so happens that I’m meeting a client near your place.”

Hearing that, Wen Shiyu naturally readily agreed.

In the evening, the two of them returned to Di Jing Lan Yuan.

Just as they got out of the car, Uncle Chen greeted them and smiled, “Young Master, Young Madam, Teacher Yu is here.”

Wen Shiyu’s eyes lit up, knowing that when Yu Qingshu came, it must be because the results of the calligraphy competition had come out.

She pulled Feng Shenye with her and walked quickly towards the living room.

In the living room, Xiao Bao’er and Yu Qing Shu were sitting on the sofa.

Now that they saw Wen Shiyu and Feng Shenye enter, they stood up.

“Mommy, daddy, you are finally back, me and my teacher have been waiting for you for a long time.”

Little Bao’er ran up to Wen Shiyu with his short legs and said excitedly, “Teacher Yu said that the results of the competition are out.”

Seeing how happy he was, Wen Shiyu thought he knew the results and bent down to inquire, “So, are you first?”

“I haven’t asked the teacher yet, I wanted to wait for you guys to come back and tell us together, but I’m definitely number one.”

Little Bao’er tilted her head confidently.

Wen Shiyu was a little surprised that this little one could hold back from asking about his results.

On the contrary, Feng Shenye next to him was very calm.

He raised his eyes and looked towards Yu Qingshu, “I wonder how Bao’er did?”

Elder Yu had the honour to announce, “Bao’er’s result was just as he said, first place, and the youngest winner since the competition started.”

Wen Shiyu was surprised to hear this.

Reacting, she happily complimented Bao’er, “You’re really something, to break the record.”

“I told you, I will definitely take first place back to mummy.”

Little Bao’er shook his head in triumph, his face was so cute.

Wen Shiyu looked on and poked him on the forehead, “You, really don’t know how to be modest.”

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