Always Been Yours Chapter 1181

“If I were you, I would be dying of shame right now, hiding and living, where would I have the face to come out and wreak havoc on my boss.”

Gu Shihan disliked the old lady in one set.

This fierce look made Wen Jing Chen beside her confused.

Although he had always known that his little a*sistant, normally, was a strong woman, competent and provincial, and sometimes very understanding, he had never thought that this little a*sistant of his family had such a spirited side.

He looked at Gu Shihan and his whole body was dumbfounded.

As for the old lady, she was so disgusted by this set of words that she was unable to say anything back, and her whole body was also stunned.

This was the first time she had ever played rough and been given the upper hand instead.

She stared at Gu Shihan with round eyes that looked as if she wanted to eat someone, and her chest was so disliked that she was holding her breath, heaving with anger.

It was only after a long time that she found her voice and pointed her trembling hand at the door of the ward and angrily scolded, “You little b*tch, get out, get out!”

It was only then that Gu Shihan calmed down from the anger she had just felt and chagrin flashed across her eyes.

Although this old lady was very unpleasant, she was the general manager’s grandmother no matter what.

Thinking that, she secretly raised her eyes towards Wen Jing Chen, her heart weak.

Wen Jing Chen naturally noticed that gaze, but just ignored it.

His eyes fell on the old lady, and his voice was indifferent: “Since you can still curse in such a spirited manner, it seems that there is nothing seriously wrong with your body, so I won’t delay your rest.”

After finishing his words, he turned around and left the ward.

Seeing this, Gu Shihan hurriedly trotted after him.

As she walked down the corridor, she saw that Wen Jingchen had no expression on his face and was very anxious in her heart.

Did she make this man angry by overstepping the rules just now?

Thinking of this, she quickly walked in front of Wen Jing Chen and carefully apologized, “I’m sorry general manager, I was too angry just now, that’s why I didn’t cover my mouth, if you are angry, you can deduct my bonus.”

Hearing that, Wen Jing Chen stopped in his tracks.

Seeing this, Gu Shihan also followed suit and stopped.

Like a little child who had done something wrong, she drooped her head.

Just as she was uneasily waiting for the judgment, a man’s low chuckle came to her ears.

She looked up in surprise, and saw the man’s lips slightly curled, seemingly in a good mood.

On the contrary, when Wen Jing Chen saw the dumbfounded little a*sistant in front of her, he complimented with a smile, “You really surprised me, you are usually great at work, but I didn’t expect that you are also a set of scolding.”

Once these words came out, Gu Shihan’s eyes showed delight and her heart followed a sigh of relief.

Apparently, the general manager wasn’t angry because of what had just happened.

She rubbed her nose and explained with a smile, “I was too angry just now, the general manager and Sister Shiyu were so nice to her, why should she scold people like that.”

Wen Jing Chen nodded his head

Seeing this, Gu Shihan acted as if she was inspired and continued, “And I’ve seen this kind of people a lot, only by using violence to counter violence can I make them settle down.”

“Seen a lot? Fight violence with violence?”

Wen Jing Chen looked over towards Gu Shihan inquisitively.

It seemed that this little a*sistant of his was also someone with a story.

Gu Shihan also sensed that he had slipped up and hurriedly snorted.

“What I mean is that the general manager’s tactics are too gentle, just like just now, the general manager would at most scold the old lady to shut up, if it was anyone else they would have just left it alone, then there is Sister Shiyu, although I don’t have much contact with her, I can still be sure that Sister Shiyu won’t be that kind of fierce person, that’s why the old lady is so over the top with you guys and has no fear. ”

After hearing this, Wen Jingchen felt that it was quite reasonable.

He and his sister were indeed not the kind of fierce people who could do anything against their conscience.

Thinking of this, he looked down at Gu Shihan and jokingly said, “Seeing how experienced you are, next time there is something like this, I can send you over to deal with it.”

“Then I’d be happy to.”

Gu Shihan nodded her head with a brilliant smile.

She was happy to be able to help Wen Jing Chen share his worries, and she was in a better mood along with it.

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