Always Been Yours Chapter 1182

After all, the smile of the man in front of her was the source of her motivation to do everything.

After leaving the hospital, the two of them went straight back to the office.

Unexpectedly, just as they got off the bus, they ran into Wen Shiyu who had also arrived at the office.

It was a rare occasion that Wen Shiyu had slowed down her training today, so she came over to see her brother.

When she saw Wen Jingchen and Gu Shihan get off the car, she smiled and walked over, “It seems I came at the right time to catch you guys back, did you guys just meet a client?”

“Sister Shiyu.”

Gu Shihan called out to the person in a good manner.

It was Wen Jing Chen who thoughtfully went forward to support Wen Shiyu, while explaining, “We just came back from the hospital.”

Hearing this, Wen Shiyu knew that her brother had gone to see that old lady and immediately looked over with concern, “Not angry, right?”

“Not angry, and she can’t do anything now that she’s like this.”

Wen Jing Chen smiled and shook his head.

Wen Shiyu put her heart down and asked idly, “Then how is her condition?”

“There’s a spirit to curse, so she should be fine.”

Wen Jing Chen replied while helping Wen Shiyu into the lift.

And since Wen Shiyu knew that the old lady was fine, she wasn’t going to ask more questions.

She turned her words to inquire, “Has the project you mentioned before been negotiated?”

“I gave up the cooperation.”

Wen Jingchen did not hide it.

Wen Shiyu was surprised to hear that, “Abandoned, why?”

She remembered that her brother had come back from abroad specifically for this project.

Wen Jing Chen did not want to worry his sister, half-truth response, “The price has not been negotiated, it so happens that a better company approached me, of course I have to choose a better one is not.”

Wen Shiyu did not understand business, and hearing this from her brother, she did not suspect.

Soon, the three of them went into the office.

After sitting down, Wen Shiyu was concerned about other business matters of the company.

Wen Jingchen just was saying that everything was fine.

He didn’t intend to tell his sister about some of the company’s problems and add to her worries in vain.

Next to him, Gu Shihan saw his intention and helped to speak at once: “Sister Shiyu, you don’t need to worry, the company is all fine, and some time ago, Manager Tang even negotiated several projects outside.”

“No wonder I haven’t seen Yu Heng these few times I’ve been here.”

Wen Shiyu didn’t think the two would join forces to fool themselves at all, and smiled as she changed the subject.

Wen Jingchen pa*sed a well-done look to his own little a*sistant.

Gu Shihan sensed it and leapt in her heart, entertaining Wen Shiyu even more attentively.

“Sister Shiyu, I heard from the manager that you are super good at making cakes and biscuits, I also made some and brought them to the company, do you want to eat some, help me taste them and see if there is still room for improvement.”


Wen Shiyu readily agreed.

Not long after, Gu Shihan came over with the snacks and small biscuits she had made.

“Sister Shiyu, try them.”

She handed the snacks to Wen Shiyu with both hands.

Wen Shiyu nodded her head, bowed her head and took a bite, thinking that the taste was not bad, but it could be better.

At that moment, she gave Gu Shihan some advice.

Gu Shihan listened very carefully.

The two of them had a good conversation about this topic in the office.

Wen Jingchen sat next to him, his eyes gentle as he looked at his sister, just feeling that such a day was happy.

Later in the evening, Wen Shiyu was about to go back, but saw a manager in a suit and leather knocking on the door in a hurry.

“General manager, we just received news that the Makara project we negotiated yesterday has been cut off again.”

After he finished speaking, he realised that Wen Shiyu was also present, so he greeted him sarcastically, “Sister Shiyu is also here.”

Wen Shiyu nodded gently, but her beautiful brow was tightly furrowed.


Apparently this employee had just said the cut-off not once.

On the contrary, Wen Jingchen’s face next to him didn’t look too good.

He glared at the fast-talking henchman and turned his head to Wen Shiyu and said softly, “Isn’t sister going back, let me send you down.”

How could Wen Shiyu not see that her brother was trying to get herself to leave?

But she thought of the employee’s words just now and shook her head in refusal, “I’m not in a hurry, you should deal with the matter at hand first.”

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