Always Been Yours Chapter 1189

With that, he reported out those few companies that had cooperation with Wen.

The a*sistant took orders and hung up to check.


The next day, not long after Feng Shenjin arrived at the company, the a*sistant knocked on the door and entered the office.

“Vice President, we have found something about the matter you asked us to investigate.”

He stood in the middle of the room and reported respectfully.

Feng Shenjin leaned lazily behind the back of his boss’s chair, his eyes lifted slightly and said, “Tell me, what have you found out.”

“Everything is as the vice president expected, this Yu Hao has indeed had dealings with those few clients of Wen’s recently, so I think he is the one who caused Wen’s to lose those projects.”

After the a*sistant finished, she suddenly lost her smile and said, “Vice President, I think this Mu Wanxian is really interesting, not to mention that she has hatred out of love, but because she can’t shake the Feng Clan, she went to instigate others to bully the Wen Clan, why is this person so amusing?”

When Feng Shenjin heard this, he glared over in no good humour.

“You’re from over there, people are bullying our own people, and you’re calling people funny?”

“Uh, slip of the tongue, slip of the tongue.”

The a*sistant also realised that she had used the wrong words and hurriedly begged for forgiveness.

Feng Shenjin waved his hand in disgust, “Alright, go out and work, I’m going to talk to my brother about this.”

Saying that, he got up and left, going to the president’s office.

Once inside, he sat down on Feng Shenye’s desk with his head in the air and invited credit, “Brother, I spent one night to find out the evidence of Mu Wanxian’s backstabbing.”


Feng Shenye stretched out his hand to ask for Feng Shenjin.

Feng Shen Jin immediately pulled out his phone and flipped out the photos he had taken last night.

“This person’s name is Yu Hao, he belongs to the Yu family, their family has always been close to the Mu family, and I heard that the elders of the two families have plans to join in marriage during this period of time.”

He pointed to Yu Hao in the photo and introduced him to Feng Shenye.

Feng Shenye stared at the photo, half narrowed his eyes and said coldly, “Then what?”

“Then this Yu Hao had some interest in Mu Wanxian, and I guess Mu Wanxian instructed Yu Hao to contact those clients of Wen Jingchen’s company to make things happen.”

Feng Shenjin said, and also told what his a*sistant had just found out.

At the end, he even tsked twice, jokingly saying, “Brother, I think this Mu Wanxian is really in love with you, even this kind of sacrificial tactics can be done.”

He did not expect to receive a sharp eye from Feng Shenye as soon as he said this.

“I haven’t practiced recently, or else you’ll stay with me tonight to practice?”

“…… brother, I’m wrong, just take what I just said as a fart.”

Feng Shenjin’s face changed slightly and he immediately pretended to be pitiful and begged for forgiveness.

Just kidding, to give his brother as a companion, he was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to live to see the sun tomorrow.

Feng Shenye looked at his pleading and pandering look and gave a light hum as the topic turned back again.

Thinking of Feng Shen Jin’s report just now, he said with cold eyes, “Since these people don’t want to develop properly, then let them not develop.”

“It’s a good idea to return the favour of others with their own way.”

Feng Shen Jin nodded in approval.

Feng Shenye gave him a look and directly said, “Since you are the one who found out the matter, this matter is still left to you, make sure you get it done, and also, if these people distract your sister-in-law’s training in the slightest, these companies, too, don’t need to exist.”

“I know.”

Feng Shenjin nodded his head and left.

Over the next few days, business was not going well at all for those few companies, with one problem after another, resulting in considerable losses.

It was also at this time that these companies finally realised that something was not right.

The owner of Hengyuan Technology, in particular, was the one who suffered the heaviest losses and was the most anxious among the several companies.

As a result, he spent a lot of money to have his a*sistant investigate as fast as possible.

Early the next morning, the a*sistant entered the office with the information he had found out and reported.

“Boss, we’ve found out, it was the Feng Group that made a secret move.”

“The Feng Clan?!”

When Boss Hengyuan heard this answer, his entire body was frightened.

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