Always Been Yours Chapter 1190

And the same situation was played out in other companies as well.

Those few bosses were, without exception, stunned.

Obviously, this was the Feng Group knowing what they had done.

That afternoon, these several bosses all made appointments to meet Yu Hao without fail.

Because there were so many appointments, Yu Hao simply formed a bureau and asked everyone to the clubhouse.

When he entered the box, he looked around at the crowd and jokingly said, “What’s going on today, are you all so eager to see me?”

“Young Yu, I listened to your targeting of Wen’s before, and now that things have fallen through, I’ve been targeted by the Feng Group, and these days, my company’s projects have been cut off one after another.”

The boss of Hengyuan was the first to sink his teeth into the situation and directly spelled out the reason for their arrival.

When the others heard this, they all glanced at each other and discussed in a flurry of words.

“Are you also being targeted by the Feng Group?”

“Yes, could it be you too?”

“That’s right, I’ve also come to find Yu Shao because I was targeted by the Feng Clan.”

After some conversation, several people knew that they all had the same purpose, and once again placed their eyes on Yu Hao.

“Young Yu, now all our companies are being suppressed by the Feng Group, you have to find a way to help us deal with this situation.”

“That’s true, if we keep on suppressing like this, my company won’t even be able to hold on.”

“Young Yu, the idea came from you, you can’t leave us alone.”

After hearing these people’s words, Yu Hao had almost understood the matter clearly and his whole expression became grave.

He hadn’t expected the Feng Group to react so quickly at all.

What surprised him the most was that the Feng Group was so strong that it had directly stepped in with its own power to target so many plus companies.

When the others saw Yu Hao sitting on the sofa and not saying anything, they once again urged anxiously.

“Young Yu, what should we do now, at least give us a word.”

Yu Hao swept a glance at them and said after a moment of silence, “Regarding the losses of several companies, our Yu family will give corresponding compensation, but I need several of you to cooperate with me to do one thing.”

Since the Feng Group was so bullying and had sent such good black material to him, he naturally had to make good use of it and smear the Feng Group fiercely.

It just so happened that there was a business party two days later.


Two days later, Huashuodun Hotel.

The gilded ballroom was filled with bigwigs.

The scene was filled with goblets and chips.

Yu Hao was dressed in a silver grey suit, holding a gla*s of wine and greeting the elders or friends he knew around.

But he was so preoccupied with two things that he looked up at the banquet hall door from time to time.

He had heard early on that Feng Shenye would be attending this party.

And so it was.

Later in the evening, Feng Shenye’s long and straight figure appeared at the banquet hall door.

His innate imperial aura stole the attention of almost everyone present as soon as he appeared.

When they came back to their senses, many people took the initiative to greet Feng Shenye.

To these people, Feng Shenye looked calm and did not lose his manners.

Yu Hao stood next to Feng Shenye, who looked at him with aristocratic elegance in his hands and feet, and a strange emotion crossed his eyes.

Especially when he thought of his favourite, Mu Wanxian, who had been in love with the man in front of him, he felt a little uncomfortable in his heart.

Then, he thought of his purpose tonight and the corners of his mouth curled up into an evil smile.

“Mr Feng, long time no see.”

He walked up to Feng Shenye with a gla*s of wine and made a toasting gesture.

Feng Shenye swept a glance at the gla*s of wine, not meaning to drink it at all, and said coldly, “Is there something wrong?”

“Nothing much, I just saw Mr. Feng and wanted to come over and say hello.”

Looking at Feng Shenye, who was so disrespectful, Yu Hao was secretly annoyed, but his face did not show it, smiling lightly.

He pretended not to see the impatience on Feng Shenye’s face and said to himself, “Speaking of which, I recently heard about something that has to do with Feng’s.”

Hearing this, Feng Shenye half narrowed his eyes and smiled coldly.

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