Always Been Yours Chapter 1194

“Let me demonstrate it to brother-in-law on the computer.”

Wen Jingchen could see that he was interested, and immediately took out the computer he carried with him and opened the program.

As he tapped on the keyboard, he explained, “I also had your company’s programmer test it just now, and the effect is very good. In the future, if someone attacks, the system will automatically generate a virus to fight back against the person who comes to attack at the same time as it issues a warning.”

As he spoke, the computer in front of him was already issuing a red warning because he had just attacked the Feng Group’s network, causing a virus to counter-attack.

But this virus was only a minor point for him.

Just a few taps on his keyboard and the virus was solved.

After all, this virus was developed by him for the system.

When Feng Shenye saw this, he nodded in satisfaction and praised, “Not bad, such a good design.”

Speaking of which, if this kid didn’t have this talent, he wouldn’t have been able to fund him in the first place.

And this boy, too, had never let him down.

The two of them then sat on the sofa and chatted idly.

Feng Shenye remembered that Wen Jingchen would be going to study abroad soon and was concerned, “How are the formalities for your study abroad, how are they going, do you need my help?”

“Thank you brother-in-law for your kindness, but everything is already being done, it’s all going well.”

Wen Jingchen said thank you and refused.

Feng Shenye nodded his head.

Near noon, Feng Shenye took Wen Jingchen out for a noon meal.

In the afternoon, Wen Jingchen returned to the company.

Feng Shenye returned to his office and continued to deal with company documents.

Later in the evening, Xu knocked on the door with a not-so-good face, “President, we just received news that there are many rumours against our Feng Clan in the industry.”

“What rumours?”

Feng Shenye raised his head from the paperwork.

Xu immediately reported, “It says that our Feng Clan is secretly nibbling away at many enterprises and is an enterprise that eats people without spitting out bones, according to reliable information, there are already many enterprises that are already planning to huddle together to prevent us from going to trouble.”

Hearing these words, Feng Shenye immediately thought of what Yu Hao had said to him at that business banquet last night.

He half narrowed his eyes and said coldly, “The one who spread this public opinion, is it Yu’s group?”

“How do you know, President?”

Xu was somewhat taken aback.

Feng Shenye snorted coldly and said sarcastically, “When I attended the banquet last night, Yu Hao of the Yu Group came to me and said something plausible but not true, and today you received such news again, it’s not hard to make people guess.”

“So what do we do now, President?”

Xu looked over and waited for orders.

Feng Shenye dropped the papers in his hand and leaned back, sneering, “Since this Yu Hao is so impatient to get himself into trouble, wouldn’t it be a bit sorry for them if we didn’t move.”

After he finished, his fingers tapped rhythmically on his desk, as if he was thinking.

Seeing this, Xu did not disturb and waited quietly.

A few moments later, Feng Shenye’s eyes flashed with a fine light, his thin lips lightly opened, “Didn’t Yu’s Group recently have a prime property for sale?”

“Yes, this property is being built up by them and the situation is very good at the moment.”

Xu nodded in response, but couldn’t figure out the president’s intention of suddenly mentioning this property.

Xu saw his confusion, Feng Shenye said lightly, “If I remember correctly, back then, this property had an accident?”

“There was an accident?”

Xu looked over unexpectedly, then recalled with a sunken brow.

Before long, he jerked his head up and said, “You’re right, this property did have an accident back then, and was later suppressed by the Yu Group.”

As soon as those words fell, he instantly understood what his own president meant.

“President, I know what to do next.”

Seeing Xu finally understand what he meant, Feng Shenye nodded his head in satisfaction, “Make things clean.”

“I understand.”

Xu nodded his head and received his orders before turning around and leaving.

That afternoon, a news story on the internet pushed Yu’s Group’s prime property onto the limelight.

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