Always Been Yours Chapter 1195

Yu’s group deceives consumers, what is the best prospect of the golden property market, but is just a gimmick, drink human blood black-hearted property!!!

If you spend money on a property like this, you can’t even live in peace of mind!

When netizens saw such a headline, they were curious to click in.

When they saw the headline, they were curious and clicked in. They saw the news inside, reporting that the prime property that the Outfit is selling is a black-hearted property.

During the previous construction, a worker fell and lost half of his life because the construction equipment was not up to standard.

However, the Yu Group did not compensate him for his work injury.

Not only that, they also falsely accused it was the worker himself who was working with irregularities and evading responsibility.

And now the worker’s family has been torn apart and impoverished because of the huge medical bills.

“Yu’s group is seriously cheating consumers.”

“The equipment is not up to scratch, can the house built be lived in?”

“Luckily I haven’t bought one yet, otherwise I’m really worried that I’ll be living in one day and the house will collapse.”

Online, netizens exploded.

One by one, they were all glad they hadn’t had the time to buy one yet.

At this point, there were other media outlets that smelled something unusual and started to follow the online news to investigate deeper.

It didn’t take long for the latest report on the story to appear online again, a video.

It turned out that the media had found the worker who was injured at the time and conducted an interview.

In the video, the worker’s home was so empty that there was not even a decent piece of furniture around.

As for the worker, he was paralysed in bed, covered with a mouldy quilt, looking miserable.

When the reporter saw that the worker was the only one in the house, he asked, “Are you the only one here? How do you usually live?”

“I have a child, who usually takes care of me.”

The worker’s voice was weak as he sat on the bed and responded.

The reporter asked again, “What about your wife?”

“My wife left after the accident.”

As he said this, the worker’s eyes glistened with tears.

At this point, a boy in his teens, with his back to the journalists and them, strained to drag a snakeskin bag slowly into the house.

He didn’t see anyone else in the room, and his voice said happily, “Dad, I picked up a lot of scrap iron on a construction site today, I should be able to sell it for a lot of money, and then I can buy medicine for you.”

It can be said that the boy’s appearance brought many netizens to tears.

The boy’s figure was very thin and the clothes he was wearing were old and obviously ill-fitting.

Originally, this boy did not have to bear the burden of earning money to support his family at such a young age, he should have been happy and attending school like other children.

But Yu’s shady intentions forced the boy to mature early.

Immediately, angry netizens went on a crusade against the Yu Group.

The Yu Group was once again thrust into the limelight.

“Why are you guys so black-hearted? It’s true that the richer you are, the blacker your heart is.”

“Eating human blood buns, you are not afraid of choking yourselves to death.”

“Strongly demand that this father and son be given back an announcement.”

Yu’s group’s side also noticed the news online and the employees panicked.

When the a*sistant learned the news, he entered the president’s office at the first opportunity to report.

“Mr. Yu, it’s not good, the previous incident of the property accident was blown up, and now the internet is full of theories of boycotting our property.”

Hearing this, Yu Hao immediately went online to check and saw that the internet was almost entirely filled with negative news about Yu’s group, and his face instantly turned ugly.

Without waiting for him to question what was going on, another manager rushed in.

“Mr. Yu, a large number of home buyers have gathered at the property, demanding a refund.”

When these words came out, Yu Hao’s face could no longer be described as ugly.

He commanded in a deep voice, “It is impossible to return the room for a refund, so find a way to pacify the owners.”

The manager was in a difficult position.

But Yu Hao didn’t give him a chance to say anything, so he instructed his a*sistant, “Go to the public relations department immediately and ask them to make an announcement in the name of the company.”

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