Always Been Yours Chapter 1198

Hearing this, Feng Shenye wasn’t surprised.

“No matter, when the days are long, these people will know what the real want is really like.”

He waved his hand carelessly and let Xu go out to work.

On Wen Shiyu’s side, she was on the contrary, intensifying her rehearsals every day without any distractions.

At first, she didn’t pay attention to what was happening online, nor did she know that what was happening online was related to Feng’s group.

Instead, it was Alice who was concerned about what was happening online because of Mu Wanxian.

After all, this woman had tried to frame Wen Shiyu.

It was also because of this that she found out that the online matter was related to the Feng Group.

At noon, while Wen Shiyu was taking a break, she spoke enviously, “Little sister, Mr. Feng is too good to you, right? He loves you so much that he doesn’t even allow others to bully your brother half a bit, I bet that Yu’s Group won’t be able to make any waves soon.”

“What’s this?”

Wen Shiyu’s face was dumbfounded as she listened.

How could this Yu Group be related to her brother?

Alice looked at her as if she didn’t know and was a bit surprised, “Don’t you know? It’s because Yu’s Group targeted your brother’s company, that’s why they were cleaned up by General Feng and exploded into a scandal like that on the internet.”

Wen Shiyu froze, somewhat puzzled, “Why would Yu’s group target my brother.”

“I don’t know about that, but you can go back and ask your family’s General Manager Feng.”

Alice shrugged her shoulders.

When they went back that night, Wen Shiyu asked about it.

“Shenye, I heard that the previous incident was Yu’s group targeting Jing Chen, and now that the internet is making such a fuss, if he knew that you were behind it, it wouldn’t have any effect on Feng’s, right?”

In fact, she had originally more or less known that Wen was being targeted and it was Feng Shenye who stepped in to set things right.

She was touched by this.

She also knew that her brother and Shenye did not want her to know about these things and distract her, so she had pretended not to know anything.

But today, if Alice hadn’t told her about what had happened online, she wouldn’t have known that so much more had happened behind the scenes.

Then again, she didn’t want Feng Shenye to get into any trouble because of this matter.

Looking at his wife’s worried expression, Feng Shenye wasn’t surprised.

Although he did not want to alert Wen Shiyu about this matter, he knew that there was no impermeable wall in the world.

At that moment, he gave a general account of what had happened.

At the end, he persuaded, “Don’t worry, a mere Yu’s group won’t do anything to me yet.”

Seeing that he really didn’t care much, Wen Shiyu nodded her head and put her heart down.

“It’s good that it’s okay.”

Feng Shenye smiled, pulled Wen Shiyu’s hand and said with concern, “How was your training today, were you tired?”

“The training task has increased a bit in the past two days, although it was a bit hard and I stood for a long time, my back is a bit sore, but it’s not a big problem.”

Although Wen Shiyu said it in a relaxed manner, Feng Shenye still sounded heartbroken.

He raised his hand to tenderly help Wen Shiyu tidy up the loose hair by her cheeks, and his voice was too gentle for words.

“In fact, now you no longer need to insist so hard, the family has has already accepted you.”

“But this is different, although it is a little harder now, but I am willing to do it, and even if mum and dad have accepted me, but I still want to become the best version of myself, want to make myself good enough to match you.”

Wen Shiyu smiled sweetly at Feng Shenye, her bright black eyes filled with deep love.

When Feng Shenye saw this, his heart was so soft that he couldn’t help but kiss him.


The next day, the matter of Yu’s group continued to ferment.

The netizens have even formed a daily punch line under the official website of Yu’s Group to question.

“When are you going to compensate the victims?”

“Can the matter come to an end today?”

“Has Yu’s Group cooled off today?”

And because the matter was so big, the relevant departments were alarmed and said they would intervene to conduct an investigation.

Yu Hao was shocked and angry when he learnt the news.

After all, once this matter was brought to the attention of the relevant departments and investigated in depth, the company could not afford to withstand the investigation.

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