Always Been Yours Chapter 1199

In the end, he had no choice but to think of making up someone to take the blame.

That afternoon, facing the inspection team sent down from above, Yu Hao did not panic and defended himself.

“At that time, after the incident, I immediately had someone allocate the compensation money to the person in charge of the project, so that he could pa*s it on to the victim, this is the document I approved the money at that time, you can take a look.”

As he spoke, he handed over a somewhat old document, “In fact, after this incident came to light, my company is also investigating this matter strictly.”

“Oh, so has your company found any clues?”

The man from the inspection team asked as he examined the document.

For such a question, Yu Hao had expected it.

He took out a yellowing account book and said straightly, “We found that there were big problems with the accounts of this project back then, the payments in many places were vague and not verified clearly, and this incident was not even recorded in this account, so I personally suspect that this person in charge used the convenience of his position to embezzle public funds.”

Not to say, his frankness and positive cooperation with the investigation convinced the investigation team a few points.

The team leader looked through the books and found that there were indeed many loopholes.

He then covered the books and asked, “Where is this current person in charge?”

“The person in charge has left the company early on, but I have already asked someone to call the police to open a case to pursue this person, and of course for that victim, our Yu Group is willing to pay another half a million as a consolation payment.”

Yu Hao said out what he had planned to do early on.

In response, the investigation team did not say anything else and quickly left.

On the same day, the matter about this compensation was also posted on the internet through the official website of the Yu Group.

But once this compensation amount was issued, it immediately led to mockery all over the internet.

“Half a million? Is the Yu Group sending out beggars?”

“This amount of money is not even enough to pay for a decent house, not to mention the fact that you have delayed someone’s child.”

“I don’t even think it’s too much to ask for $50 million in compensation, but $500,000 is really something you can’t say.”

Meanwhile, the victim, seeing so many netizens supporting him online, also quickly posted a statement online through the media.

“A lawyer has been hired to demand 50 million dollars in compensation from Yu’s group, for no other reason than to give their poor child, a good environment.”

Seeing such a statement, many netizens have posted their support.

“You should have done this a long time ago so that the child wouldn’t have been delayed until now.”

“Go ahead and sue, if the lawyer doesn’t work, I am also a lawyer and very willing to help.”

“The law firm of Cheng & Ming is also willing to a*sist.”

Just for a moment, many excellent lawyers, law firms have come forward to express their willingness to support.

After all, Yu’s Group, as a large group, must have raised a group of excellent lawyers under it.

If it was an ordinary lawyer it might not be able to win in the hands of these people.

And when Yu Hao saw such a result in his office, he was furious.

“This old immortal!”

He was so angry that he swept everything on his desk to the floor.

Even so, he was still not relieved in his heart, his chest heaving up and down in large arcs.

“Fifty million, you really dare to ask for it too! Aren’t you afraid that you’ll have a life to take but no life to spend?!”

He pointed at the picture of the victimized civilian worker in the computer screen on the floor, gritting his teeth and cursing, his eyes were even more gloomy and terrifying.

At this time, the a*sistant knocked on the door from outside, seeing the messy scenery in front of him and the furious man not far away, he was a bit scared.

But thinking of the purpose of his coming over, he could only speak out stiffly, “President, the directors are here and are now in the meeting room, asking you to go over.”

Without thinking, Yu Hao knew that these directors had come because of the online matter.

“Have someone clean up the place.”

Dropping these words, Yu Hao went to the conference room with a sullen face.

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