Always Been Yours Chapter 594

However Xu Yan’s side was not far behind, keeping close behind.

In this way, the two sides chased each other.

When they reached a deserted road, Xu Yan arranged for his men to flank him left and right, before he blocked Chu Ting Yu in the middle of the road.

Song Ruhua saw Xu Yan coldly get out of the car through the window and was immediately scared out of her wits.

She grabbed Chu Ting Yu’s arm in a panic, her voice trembling as she kept asking, “What should we do? What to do? They’re coming over.”

Chu Ting Yu’s brow furrowed at the noise, but after seeing the girl’s frightened expression, he said nothing in the end.

He took out a dagger from the side and handed it to Song Ruhua, explaining, “Take this, later on, no matter who comes near you, you can use this to defend yourself.”

Song Ruhua clutched the dagger in her hand, her hand trembling.

But before she could say anything, she saw Chu Ting Yu open the door and get out of the car.

When Chu Ting Yu’s men saw that their boss had stepped forward, they also got out of the car.

But they were not as numerous as the men Xu Yan had brought with him.

After all, Chu Ting Yu had rushed over in a hurry after receiving a call from Song Ruhua.

The two sides did not talk nonsense either, and took action directly.

The two sides did not expect Chu Ting Yu to be an extremely skilled man.

Several of Xu Yan’s men were no match for him.

Seeing Chu Ting Yu kick his men away once again, Xu Yan stepped forward to catch that man and ordered in a cold voice, “Leave this man to me, go and arrest Song Ruhua.”

His men nodded and took orders, and immediately ran towards the car where Song Ru-paint was.

Chu Ting Yu also heard Xu Yan’s order and his face was gloomy and terrifying.

He quickly stepped forward and tried to stop the henchman, but he was finally intercepted by Xu Yan.

“Your opponent is me.”

With those words, Xu Yan moved sharply and launched an attack on Chu Ting Yu.

Only after the exchange of blows, the more he fought, the more frightened he became.

The man in front of him was surprisingly similar in strength to him.

On the other side, Song Ruhua had already been forced out of the car.

With trembling hands, she clutched the dagger Chu Ting Yu had handed her and waved it haphazardly in the air.

“Get out of my way, all of you.”

She glared at the surrounding bodyguards in shock and anger, forbidding these people to come halfway near her.

At this moment, one of the bodyguards intended to attack forcefully.

Song Ruhua also noticed the bodyguard’s movement, and a ruthless light burst out from her eyes.

She could not be taken back by these people!

With this in mind, she gripped her dagger and stabbed it straight at the bodyguard.

However, the bodyguard was professionally trained and experienced in fighting, so naturally he would not be hurt by Song Ruhua’s attack.

He used his strength to open Song Ruhua.

It was also Song Ruhua’s bad luck that after being opened, the dagger she was holding backfired and stabbed herself in the small of her back!

But looking at the movement, the wound should have been very shallow.

Even so, she still let out a miserable scream of pain.


When Chu Ting Yu heard Song Ruyou’s pain-eating scream, he immediately turned his head to look and saw the bloodstains on Song Ruyou’s body, and his eyes bared.

After he fought and knocked Xu Yan back, he rushed towards Song Ruhua regardless.

Seeing this, Xu Yan stopped the others from continuing.

When Song Ruyu saw Chu Ting Yu rushing over, it was as if she had seen a straw that saved her life.

She clung to Chu Ting Yu, her voice weak with fear and anxiety, “Chu Ting Yu, I’m in pain, it hurts so much, take me to the hospital quickly, I don’t want to die.”

Song Ruhua did not know that her wound was not deep.

She was in so much pain that cold sweat was pouring from her forehead, and with the blood that kept flowing from her belly, she was terrified that she would die from blood loss.

“Chu Ting Yu, save me, save me, I don’t want to die.”

Hearing the girl’s plea, Chu Ting Yu’s face was sullen as he carried her straight to the car and then called his men to drive away.

Looking at the speeding car, the bodyguard captain quickly walked over to Xu Yan and asked, “Xu, are we still chasing after him?”

Xu Yan looked at the direction where the car had disappeared, squinted his eyes in thought, and ordered, “Go back first.”

Right now, Song Ruhua was injured, so she would not be able to leave Vienna for a while.

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