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Always Been Yours Chapter 595

Then again, the man beside Song Ruhua looked like he had an extraordinary status, and he needed to report to the president.

At his words, the bodyguard captain nodded, turned and greeted the others in the car and left.

On the way to the hospital, Song Ruhua was lying in Chu Ting Yu’s arms with a pale face.

“Chu Ting Yu, I’m in so much pain, am I going to die?”

She clutched onto Chu Ting Yu’s arm, not knowing if it was just her illusion, she felt her body getting weaker and weaker.

“No nonsense, I won’t let anything happen to anyone!”

Chu Ting Yu gripped Song Ruyou’s hand back hard and anxiously ordered his men, “Speed up, I want you to get to the hospital in the shortest possible time!”


His men took the order and once again increased the speed of the car.

On the road, the black car was like a lightning bolt, speeding towards the hospital.

Chu Ting Yu was holding Song Ruhua tightly, his face unusually gloomy and unsightly.

After all, it was the person he liked, and she had been hurt in front of him, even if it was Song Ruhua who had hurt herself, but it still triggered his anger.

On the other hand, Xu Yan went to Feng Shenye’s villa to resume his duties.

He knocked on the door and entered the study.

When Feng Shenye saw him, he asked in a cold voice, “Has the man been captured?”

“No, Song Ruhua was saved by someone.”

Xu Yan answered truthfully.

Feng Shenye’s face instantly turned gloomy and his eyes shot over as sharp as a hawk’s, “What’s going on?”

Xu Yan’s scalp tingled from the stare, but he still told the story.

“That’s pretty much it.”

Hearing that Song Ruhua had been injured, Feng Shenye narrowed his eyes slightly and asked in a cold voice, “Is it dead?”

“Not dead, I asked the bodyguard at the time, the dagger was not a vital stab, and the sharp blade didn’t go down much deeper.”

Xu Yan spoke out what he knew.

Feng Shenye coldly snorted, “Since that’s the case, then leave it.”

At these words, Xu Yan knew that the president was not going to pursue this matter.

Just ……

“President, the man standing next to Song Ruhua today is not easy to mess with, I had a fight with him and was able to fight me, his body is very strong, he is afraid that he has trained.”

Feng Shenye’s eyes sank slightly.

Xu Yan’s meaning he understood, this was the fear that Song Ruyou would take advantage of the situation to stir things up.

“Go and make arrangements to increase the number of people secretly protecting Young Madam before we go back. By the way, investigate what that man’s identity is and what relationship he has with Song Ruhua.”

“Yes.” Xu Yan nodded and received his orders.

Seeing this, Feng Shenye had nothing else to order, so he waved his hand and said, “Go back and rest.”

Xu Yan nodded and left.

Only Feng Shenye was left alone in the study.

After he finished with the company’s business, he went back to his room.

In the room, Wen Shiyu was unaware of what was happening outside.

She was hugging Little Treasure, sleeping on the soft big bed with a sweet face.

One big and one small, very intimate.

Feng Shenye walked gently to the bedside and looked down slightly at the two sleeping in the bed, his eyes soft.

Chu Ting Yu finally arrived at the hospital with Song Ruhua after a long journey.

“The patient’s wound is not deep and not vital, but she still needs to recuperate for a while.”

After the doctor bandaged Song Ruyou’s wound, he told Chu Ting Yu some precautions.

Chu Ting Yu nodded his head and told his men to send the doctor away.

Only he and Song Ruhua were left in the ward.

He walked over to the hospital bed and looked at the pale Song Ruhua, wrinkling his brows as he asked, “Who were those people before? Why did they want to deal with you?”

At his words, Song Ruhua gritted her teeth and her eyes were incomparably resentful.

However, she did not respond to what Chu Ting Yu had just said, but instead, her expression twisted and she shouted, “I want them all to die, to die!”

As she finished her sentence, it was as if she thought of something, and instantly, not caring about the pain of her wound, she tossed and turned on the hospital bed, trying to sit up.

Seeing this, Chu Ting Yu immediately stepped forward to help.

As a result, Song Ruhua grabbed his arm, her eyes bordering on madness, “Chu Ting Yu, can you help me, can you help me get rid of them?

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