Always Been Yours Chapter 596

Chu Ting Yu met Song Ruhua’s somewhat frantic expression, his eyes deep in colour.

After a moment, he agreed, “I will seek justice for you, now you just need to recuperate well.”

As he finished speaking, he helped Song Ruhua to lie back on the bed.

Song Ruhua revealed a winning smile.


The next day, Wen Shiyu’s sudden cold was much better.

And since it was a rest day, she didn’t need to go to the orchestra, so she planned to stay at home with Feng Shenye and Xiao Bao’er.

When she was having breakfast, she told them about this intention, and Little Bao’er was exceptionally happy.

“Great, auntie can finally accompany me.”

The little one clapped and cheered.

When Wen Shiyu saw him so happy, she felt her mood was infected with even more pleasure.

“Bao’er, where do you plan to go to play today?”

“As long as I’m with auntie, Bao’er feels happy, even if I don’t go out to play.”

“Aiyo Bao’er, did you get up early in the morning and eat candy, how can your little mouth be so sweet?”

Wen Shiyu looked at the little one with a doting gaze.

Little Bao’er shyly pursed her lips and smiled, “Bao’er didn’t eat candy, this is all from Bao’er’s heart.”

At these words, Wen Shiyu felt her heart was about to be softened by the little one.

She then looked at Feng Shenye with a smile again and inquired, “Is there any place you want to go?”

“The place where you are is the place I want to go.”

Feng Shenye’s eyes were deep and affectionate as he stared back at Wen Shiyu.

His low, magnetic voice was simply too good to hear.

Wen Shiyu’s ears crisped up as she listened, and the smile on her face became even sweeter and brighter.

“I now kind of know why Bao’er is so good at talking, it seems that this is inherited from you.”

As a result, without waiting for Feng Shenye to say anything, little Bao’er’s protesting voice rang out, “Bao’er didn’t learn from daddy, that’s all Bao’er’s untaught.”

Wen Shiyu lost her smile.

The three of them had a very enjoyable breakfast.

After it was over, Wen Shiyu voiced out her thoughts, “Since you guys don’t have any places you want to go, let me arrange the itinerary next.”

“Sure, wherever Auntie says to go, we’ll go.”

Little Bao’er was always Wen Shiyu’s most enthusiastic king of hugging.

Although Feng Shenye didn’t say anything, he nevertheless proved his attitude with his actions.

“Butler, prepare the car.”

Sitting in the car, Little Bao’er lay in Wen Shiyu’s arms and couldn’t help but inquire curiously, “Auntie, where are we going?”

Wen Shiyu didn’t hide it, pinching little Bao’er’s fleshy cheeks, and said in a warm voice, “We’re going to the flat that your Uncle Jing Chen bought to take a look.”

Although he couldn’t use it, it was at least his brother’s intention, so no matter what, he should go and have a look.

The flat was located in the most prosperous part of Vienna.

The neighbourhood was also very good in terms of both environment and security.

When he went upstairs, Wen Shiyu entered the flat by entering the pa*sword.

“Auntie it’s so beautiful here.”

Little Bao’er followed into the living room and was amazed by the arrangement in front of her.

Wen Shiyu looked around and nodded her head in agreement as well.

The large living room, with plenty of sunlight and light blue walls, made people feel brighter when they looked at it.

The furniture all around was complete and brand new, and it was also decorated in the Viennese art style, with a literary touch.

In particular, there is a piano next to the window.

The breeze makes the white gauze curtains flutter in the wind and gently brush against the piano body, a beautiful image.

Not only is the piano in the room, but there are also many musical instruments hanging on the walls.

The most important point is that it is close to Hathaway’s orchestra.

Standing on the balcony, Wen Shiyu could see the orchestra door.

She propped her hands on the balcony fence, and the smile on her lips had not fallen since she entered the flat.

Although her brother was not here, she could feel the care and loving intentions he had for her from every detail of the room.

At this time, Feng Shenye walked over and naturally took Wen Shiyu in his arms.

He looked at Hathaway’s band not far away and laughed lightly, “This kid is quite thoughtful, he has thought of you in every aspect.”

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