Always Been Yours Chapter 602

After finishing his words, he didn’t care if the old man still had something to say, he simply cut the call.

Originally, he had planned to let Xu Yan handle this matter, but after thinking about it, he changed his mind.

Since the Song family was so desperate for death, then he didn’t need to be polite.

He took his phone and called Feng Shenjin, saying in a cold voice, “About the company rumours, you do what I instructed you to do now.”

Next, he told the story of Song Ruhua hiring someone abroad to buy a murderer.

At the other end, Feng Shenjin held his phone and listened intently.

After a few moments, he chided angrily, “This Song family is really shameless, brother, don’t worry, I’ll make sure this is done beautifully and take it out on sister-in-law!”

That afternoon, a news story about Song Ruhua’s attempted murder abroad and becoming a wanted criminal appeared in the headlines.

When this news came out, the netizens were in an uproar.

“Is this news really fake, how could the titular Miss Song family become a wanted criminal?”

“It looks like it shouldn’t be faked, even the wanted notices from abroad are there.”

“I’m just more curious as to why this Miss Song family would try to kill someone abroad.”

“Yeah, why would she want to kill someone? Doesn’t it smell good to be her Missy?”

Feng Shenjin ignored the heated debate on the internet, and not long after the news was released, he had his company’s PR department follow suit with a notice.

The content of the notice was that the Song family was unhappy with the Feng Group’s cancellation of the marriage contract and had deliberately and secretly smeared the Feng Group, and that they would pursue the Song Group for the damage caused to their reputation.

At the end of the text, the Feng Group also made a soulful question, the general content was that with the Feng Family’s status in the industry, should they still marry such a woman of bad character into their family?

Seeing this, netizens who originally didn’t really believe that Song Ruyou would kill someone gradually tilted.

The media, keen to smell the smoke and fire, unleashed themselves.

In less than two hours, well-known media came out with the truth that Song Ruhua’s attempted murder abroad was true.

It turned out that these media outlets had contacted the police department in Vienna through various channels.

There were even large media companies that directly ordered the Vienna branch staff to conduct on-site interviews.

It didn’t take long for the video of the live interview to appear on the internet.

The netizens were already concerned about this matter, and within a short time, the video of the interview had received more than ten million hits.

In the video, the reporter interviewed the police officer who was handling Song Ruhua’s case at the time.

“Can you tell us why Song Ruhua tried to kill someone?”

“That’s exactly what we’re investigating.”

The police officer snaps his lips in an official voice.

The staff member continued, “And can you tell us who the person was that Song Ru-pao tried to murder?”

“Sorry, we need protection for the victim.”

“Okay, let’s change the question, I wonder if the police have any new developments in their pursuit of Song Ru-pao now?”

“We did find out Song Ru-paint’s whereabouts once before, but then she escaped, we suspect that she might have left Vienna, or she might have smuggled herself back to X.”

Seeing this, netizens exploded straight away.

“Are all rich people so arrogant now?”

“I think this Song Ruhua must have been hidden by the Song family.”

“The Song family is so disgusting, it’s obvious that they are the ones with bad character, but they still want to use us to crush the Feng family, I’ve decided that from today onwards, I’m going to boycott all the Song family’s products.”

“Boycott the Song Group.”

What happened online soon reached Song’s father’s ears.

“D*mn it, Feng Shenye actually stirred all these things up, is he trying to completely tear his face off with us?”

Song’s father gritted his teeth and was so angry that he was about to vomit blood.

He had never expected Feng Shenye to come up with such a move.

Looking at the netizens who were shouting online to boycott the Song Group, he suddenly had the feeling of lifting a stone to smash his own feet.

That afternoon, Song’s Group was affected by the incident and its stock kept falling.

There were even many media reporters who ran to the Song Group.

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