Always Been Yours Chapter 603

They wanted to interview Song’s father if he knew the whereabouts of Song Ruhua.

In the chairman’s office, the a*sistant hurriedly knocked on the door and walked in.

“Chairman, many media reporters have come downstairs, they all want to interview you.”

“No, no.”

How could Father Song be in the mood to see these media reporters right now?

In his opinion, these media reporters had come with ill intentions and were most likely instructed by the Feng Group.

After all, he had used this trick to discredit the Feng Group just before.

Thinking of this, he ordered with a sullen face, “Have the security guards downstairs stop all the people, and if anyone lets the reporters in for me, get the hell out of here immediately!”

The a*sistant nodded and took orders, turned around and went to give orders.

The media reporters were not discouraged by being stopped outside the door, and one by one, they crouched at the door and waited for Father Song to come out.

Song didn’t have time to pay any attention to this.

Because as things fermented on the internet, many companies that cooperated with Song’s group felt that the impact of this matter was too bad and cancelled their cooperation.

“Shang Dong, the online thing is not all like that, there is actually an inside story here …… Shang Dong, don’t hang up the phone yet, you wait ……”

“Mr. Wang, you’ve grown up watching Ruhua, she’s so gentle in nature, how could she take the initiative to kill someone ……”

“This project is already halfway through, now cancel, the previous investment can be nullified, Li Dong you reconsider.”

Song’s father was busy with phone call after phone call to retain the partners, but to no avail.


In the evening, the Feng family compound.

Feng Tianyi and Pei Xingyi were also chatting about online matters.

Although Feng Shenye was not in the country right now, both the old men suspected that the matter was related to him.

Feng Shen Jin happened to come back from outside and was called over by the two old men when they saw him.

“Did your brother ask you to do the news on the internet today?”

Feng Tianyi looked at Feng Shenjin with a serious face.

Feng Shenjin didn’t try to hide it and admitted, “It’s true that my brother arranged it, but it was also their Song family’s own doing.”

At that moment, he told the story of Song Ruhua running abroad and hiring a murderer to hurt Wen Shiyu, and also told the story of the Song family pouring dirty water on the internet for the Feng Group.

It was no surprise that Feng Tianyi and Pei Xingyi’s faces looked very ugly.

Pei Xin Yi cursed in anger, “This Song family is unbelievable! And Song Ruhua, I didn’t expect her to be so malicious at such a young age!”

“No, it’s fortunate that my brother refused the engagement and didn’t let this woman in, otherwise we would have been in trouble, if we had accidentally offended this woman, wouldn’t she have hired a murderer to hurt us, this mind is too terrible.”

Feng Shenjin finished, looking at his parents’ bad expression, his black eyes dripped and turned, taking the opportunity to persuade, “Mom and dad, if I were to say so, you and grandpa should stop looking for a daughter-in-law for my brother, look at these big ladies, they are not as virtuous and virtuous as they say outside, they all have the personality of wanting to destroy what they can’t get, this is simply too scary.”

In the luxurious living room, Feng Tianyi and Pei Xingyi were silent with bad looks on their faces.

Seeing this, Feng Shenjin knew that this incident had hit his parents hard, and said nothing more.

He quietly left the living room and turned around to go back to his room to call his brother.

“Brother, I’ve done what you’ve arranged, and I’ve just done some thinking with Mom and Dad about this matter, I think our parents should be able to accept you and your sister-in-law soon.”

“I know.”

Feng Shenye’s voice, laced with a faint smile, came out of the phone.

He was very satisfied with Feng Shen Jin’s efficiency.

As for the family’s attitude towards him and Wen Shiyu being together, he felt that it should not be possible to change that quickly.

But even so, no one could sway his decision.

On the other hand, Wen Shiyu was not aware of these things at all.

These days, she was busy every day, leaving early and returning late.

After all, the second troupe had just been formed, and even though every member in it was excellent, it would take a lot of rehearsal practice to hone a tacit understanding suitable for the performance.

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