Always Been Yours Chapter 654

“Who is it?”

Her voice was hoarse as she inquired and went to open the door.

Unexpectedly, just as she opened the door, a small dark figure rushed into her arms.

The force was a little strong, causing her to stumble backwards two steps.

“I’m so happy to finally see auntie.”

Little Bao’er hugged Wen Shiyu’s legs, tilting her little head and smiling brightly.

At this moment, Wen Shiyu finally came to her senses.

She looked at the little one in her arms with surprise and joy, “Bao’er, when did you arrive, why didn’t you call Auntie to pick you up.”

As she spoke, she bent down and held the little one in her arms.

“Bao’er wanted to give a surprise to auntie.”

Little Bao’er rubbed Wen Shiyu’s cheek affectionately.

Wen Shiyu was so cute that she hugged the little one and kissed him again and again.

Wen Jingchen looked at the sticky two and couldn’t help but get tasty.

He deliberately coughed lightly and complained, ”Sister, am I no longer your favourite brother now? I’ve been standing here for half a day and you haven’t even given me a look.”

“How old are you, still competing with children for favour.”

Wen Shiyu lost her smile and pouted, glancing at Wen Jingchen.

Little Bao’er also nodded approvingly, “Uncle Jing Chen shy.”

Wen Jingchen cried and laughed, deliberately making a sad face, “It’s over, it’s over, I’ve lost my favour.”

After the three of them laughed and joked for a while, Wen Shiyu asked about Wen Jingchen’s situation at home.

“How are you doing lately, is the company okay?”

“I’m fine, the company is also fine, sister don’t worry.”

The two of them chatted about family matters for a while before Wen Jingchen took the initiative to leave.

“Sister, rest early, I’m going back to rest too.”

Wen Shiyu nodded her head and sent Wen Jingchen away.

As for Little Bao’er, she had long since fallen asleep in Wen Shiyu’s arms.

The next morning, Wen Shiyu happily took Little Bao’er and her brother to the restaurant for breakfast.

When Mona saw the three of them, she came over to greet them with a big smile.

“Good morning, Shiyu, Bao’er, Mr. Wen.”

She had now been promoted to a substitute in the orchestra and could follow the band everywhere in the future.

“Good morning, Auntie Mona.”

Little Bao’er responded politely, and with his milky voice, he was simply adorable to Mona.

“Shiyu, your son is too cute too.”

Mo Na said, and her eyes fell on Wen Jing Chen, who was next to her in a black suit with a tall and upright figure, and her eyes heated up, “You have such a handsome younger brother, it’s simply enviable and jealous.”

Her character was like this, big-hearted, saying whatever she had to say.

Wen Shiyu had long since gotten used to it.

On the contrary, it was Wen Jingchen who was a little shy and embarra*sed by the compliment.

But he still greeted Mona graciously, “Good morning, thank you for taking care of my sister all this time.”

“I haven’t taken care of much either.”

Mona waved her hand, embarra*sed to take credit for it.

The conversation between the two happened to be overheard by Kathleen, who was pa*sing by and became uncomfortable in her heart.

Especially when she thought that during this period of time, Wen Shiyu’s status in the orchestra was getting higher and higher, and was about to overtake her, she couldn’t bear it anymore.

“Shiyu, isn’t this brother of yours too ignorant, since he wants to thank, shouldn’t he thank all of us in the band, and my mommy, what does it mean to thank Mona alone? Looking down on the rest of us?”

She walked over and gave a shady burst of sarcasm.

The smiles on Wen Jingchen and Wen Shiyu’s faces immediately faded.

Mona also frowned, showing a look of dissatisfaction.

Only because of her status, she didn’t dare to confront Cathleen.

Not wanting to invite trouble for his sister, Wen Jingchen looked at Cathleen with cold eyes and said indifferently, “Indeed, I should thank everyone properly, so after the training tonight, I’ll treat everyone to a meal together.”

“Nice talk, treating all of us, do you know how many of us there are? If you want to pretend to be generous, you still don’t have to, otherwise you’ll be the one who ends up losing face.”

Seeing that Wen Jingchen was defending Wen Shiyu so much, Cathleen became even more resentful in her heart and her words became increasingly harsh and sarcastic.

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