Always Been Yours Chapter 655

Unsurprisingly, Wen Jingchen and Wen Shiyu didn’t look any better, they were very ugly.

Especially Wen Shiyu was very angry.

Originally, she had really thought that Cathleen had learnt her lesson, but now it seemed that this person was still a dog that could not change its ways.

Before she could care less about this woman targeting herself, but now that she was bullying her brother, she couldn’t stand it.

“Kathleen, I think you misunderstood something, my brother means well and I often tell my brother that all of you are very nice to me.”

She stepped forward and defended in a strong manner, “Maybe you don’t know, my family is just my brother and I depending on each other, and now we are separated and never see each other, that’s why my brother wants to thank everyone.”

Xu Yan also came forward at this time and echoed, “You all don’t know, our young lady’s brother looks young, but in fact he already has a successful career and already has a company with a*sets of tens of millions of dollars under his name.”

When these words came out, the crowd was in an uproar.

After all, Wen Jingchen’s age looked like he was in his early twenties, so he was too young.

“That’s too impressive.”

“But it’s true, after all, if the elder sister is so outstanding, being the younger brother surely won’t be any worse.”

“But I still think it’s too incredible.”

Little Bao’er listened to the admiration from all around, and his little face showed an expression of honor.

“My Uncle Jing Chen is very powerful, bad women are not allowed to bully my Uncle Jing Chen!”

He glared at Kathleen with a milky fierce glare.

Kathleen’s face was gloomy.

Wen Jingchen was, on the contrary, adored by the little treasure’s expression, but more than that, he was touched.

Wen Shiyu was also the same.

She rubbed Little Treasure’s short dark hair, her eyes fell back on Cathleen, and her words changed, “Of course, it’s okay if you don’t come to the evening party, after all, you’re so busy, I definitely won’t force it.”

Hearing these words, Cathleen’s face became even more gloomy.

It was because Wen Shiyu’s words were actually implying that she had never helped, but instead was looking for trouble at every turn.

Of course the others heard it too.

But they didn’t say anything.

Although Kathleen was the headmaster’s girl, they liked Wen Shiyu more compared to her.

Then again, what Kathleen had just done had disgusted them.

Wen Shiyu had never flaunted anything in front of them, but Kathleen had been targeting them at every turn, causing pandemonium in the band.

The atmosphere suddenly became a bit stagnant.

At this time, Mona took the initiative to break the stalemate and said supportively, “It’s rare that Brother Shiyu treats you, I as a good friend must go, Brother Shiyu, I want to have a big meal and a delicious meal tonight,”

“It’s bound to be a big meal.”

Wen Jing Chen lost his smile.

The people in the second group also naturally supported their own chief violinist and took a stand.

“Brother Shiyu, we’re going too.”

“You’ll have to book a big box for the night, otherwise you won’t be able to fit so many of us.”

“Two troupes, adding up to quite a few people, do need a hall.”

Some of the people in the first regiment who were on good terms with Wen Shiyu also laughed and joked that they would definitely be in place.

Wen Jingchen smiled as he responded to these people’s words.

Wen Shiyu was also thankful that these people were so generous with their faces.

Only Kathleen was beside herself and turned blue with anger.

She glared at Wen Shiyu indignantly, and her eyes seemed to want to eat people.

In the end, she didn’t even eat her breakfast and left in a huff.

When the others saw this, they didn’t care.

They laughed and joked for a while, and then continued with their breakfast.

At this time, Mona came over to Wen Shiyu and whispered, “Earlier, when I saw Cathleen take the initiative to get close to you, I thought she had really changed for the better, but I didn’t expect it to be a pretence, and I don’t know what stimulated her to suddenly flip out today.”

“Irrelevant person, don’t bother, hurry up and eat.”

Wen Shiyu didn’t give Kathleen a second thought, or rather, she had expected that Kathleen had been putting on an act.

Mona nodded her head and stopped mentioning Kathleen’s spoiled mood.

On the other hand, Kathleen left in a rage, only to meet Hathaway halfway.

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