Always Been Yours Chapter 656

Seeing her angry face, Hathaway couldn’t help but call the person to a halt and inquire, “Who’s P*ssed you off so much this early in the morning.”

“Apart from your good student, who else in the orchestra would dare to make me angry.”

Kathleen’s tone was impetuous, gritting her teeth.

Hathaway frowned, unhappy, “You went and provoked Wen Shiyu again?”

“What do you mean I messed with Wen Shiyu again, you think it’s my fault without asking why, now I’m really wondering if you’re my mummy or not!”

Kathleen was angry and aggrieved, and turned to Hathaway hysterically.

Hathaway also looked a little uncomfortable, but still suppressed her anger and questioned, “So tell me, what was the argument you had again?”

At that, Cathleen fell back on what had just happened in the restaurant, without, of course, adding fuel to the fire.

“It’s just finding a good fiancé and having a good brother, what does she Wen Shiyu have to show off, if she has the ability she doesn’t rely on others and show off herself.”

Hathaway’s face darkened after hearing this.

In her opinion, this matter could not be blamed on Wen Shiyu at all.

“Enough, I don’t see anything wrong with Wen Shiyu in this matter, but you, what are you interfering with when people are talking properly, and Wen Shiyu didn’t mean what you said, why do you have to maliciously speculate about her and target her?”

Hearing Hathaway’s words defending Wen Shiyu at every turn, Kathleen exploded.

“You’re really my good mommy, you don’t even care if your own daughter is bullied like this, and you’re still defending that b*tch Wen Shiyu just like everyone else!”

“Kathleen, calm down.”

“I can’t calm down!”

With those words, Kathleen ran away.

No matter how much Hathaway shouted after her, she didn’t stop.

Later in the evening, Kathleen followed the group to the theatre, staring at them all the way as if they owed her millions.

Then when they arrived at the theatre, the group began to rehearse nervously.

But today, Kathleen was on fire, and whenever she saw something she didn’t like, she threw a tantrum, regardless of whether anyone had made a mistake.

No, there was a ruckus again.

The reason was that Kathleen almost tripped over a musical instrument case as she was walking past.

The instrument case in question belonged to the deputy chief violinist of the group.

In this moment, Kathleen felt that the deputy chief was trying to deliberately harm herself and scolded her under her breath.

“You put the box here because you sincerely want me to fall down, don’t you? Do you think that if something happens to me, you can imitate Wen Shiyu and perform in my place?

“Kathleen, don’t put it so harshly, I didn’t mean it at all.”

“Heh, only you know whether you mean it or not.”

Kathleen taunted the Deputy Chief.

The other members of the group frowned, but they dared not speak out in anger.

Of course this matter also reached the Second Regiment.

Wen Shiyu also heard it, but didn’t take it to heart.


In China, in the hotel in Lincheng.

The company has been waiting for nearly a day, but no news, his heart could not help but be a little anxious.

Because if he couldn’t find anyone else, he wouldn’t be able to make it out of the country in time.

During this period, Jiao Anshi did come back twice.

Each time he came back with an important clue.

This time was no exception.

“I found the secret sign that Team Shang left on the mountain, but it was deliberately directed in the wrong direction, so much so that it wasted a lot of time, I guess this should be the work of the enemy, they have been spying on us.”

After listening to Jiao Anshi’s report, Feng Shenye narrowed his eyes in contemplation.

He thought of the previous speculation of the mole and felt that it was likely that this mole had provided the enemy with the information.

After pondering for a moment, his thin lips lightly opened and his voice was unusually cold, “This time, you will only take the core members of the team and find out the whereabouts of Team Shang first, and wait for the rest until we find Team Shang.”

Jiao An Shi nodded his head and turned to leave.

It was not until dark that he returned with not so good news.

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