Always Been Yours Chapter 664

That’s when Hathaway walked onto the stage in her gorgeous gown.

The silvery lights hit her as she waved her arms gracefully and greeted the audience on stage.

Wen Shiyu and Kathleen walked behind her left and right.

The two had different styles of beauty and were a beautiful sight to behold.

Soon, the crowd all walked to the centre of the stage.

The stage was filled with applause.

The MC had the good sense to hand over the microphone.

“We are delighted that you have come to enjoy the music of our orchestra.”

As she spoke, she led the rest of the orchestra in a salute to the audience before announcing with great humour, “I know there are many journalists and friends on the floor who can’t wait, so I’m now announcing that we are ready for interviews.”

Hearing this, a number of journalists with their work pa*ses rushed to ask questions for interviews.

At this time in the past, Kathleen had always been the main attraction on stage.

But tonight, she had become a supporting actress.

Because most of the reporters were interested in Wen Shiyu.

“Ms Hathaway, this new orchestra’s principal violinist is your new student, right?”

One of the female reporters asked a question.

Hathaway smiled proudly, “Yes, this is my closed student, she is very talented and very willing to work hard, I think very highly of her!”

“It seems that Ms Hathaway is very happy with your student, so would you like your student to introduce herself so that we can get to know her better.”

“That’s a must.”

Hathaway finished answering the reporter, turned her head and looked kindly at Wen Shiyu, beckoning, “Good boy, come to the teacher.”

Seeing this, Wen Shiyu carried her skirt gracefully up to the front.

The next second, the flashing lights of the scene were all directed at her.

Although Wen Shiyu was a little uncomfortable, she still behaved very well and fell into place as well.

“Hello everyone, my name is Wen Shiyu, I’m from X country, I hope you will give me more guidance in the future.”

The girl’s clear and gentle voice, coupled with her outstanding appearance, made the goodwill of the journalists and friends present continue to grow.

Of course some liked it, and some deliberately picked things up.

“Miss Wen, now that you are studying with Hathaway and are a shut-in student, I wonder if Ms Hathaway has taught you all she can?”

At these words, Wen Shiyu frowned unsearchably, obviously this question was digging a hole for her.

Her smile remained unchanged as she turned to the reporter who had just asked, “I think the performance I just gave is my best answer to that question.”

Wen Shiyu’s dripping response made everyone in the audience give her a high regard.

But the reporters obviously didn’t want to let her off so much.

“Miss Wen, you are a closed student of Ms Hathaway, would you consider yourself a second successor to the orchestra?”

“In a legal sense, you have the same inheritance rights to your status, would you fight for yourself?”

The smile on Wen Shiyu’s lips faded a little as she listened to these provocative questions.

She looked around at the excited reporters, her smile not reaching her eyes, “There is no such thing as a successor, I just do it because I love music, my dream is to stand on the biggest stage in the world, as for the rest, I never think about it.”

The impeccable answer made those reporters who deliberately provoked the incident a bit defeated.

Of course they wouldn’t give up.

After all, news has to be gimmicky to be more appealing.

“Miss Wen, tonight is your first official performance and you have played superbly, even more dazzling than Kathleen, I wonder if you have any feelings about it?”

Wen Shiyu narrowed her eyes slightly, a displeased look surfaced under her eyes.

What was the matter with these reporters, did they have to make a scene?

Also unhappy were Hathaway as well as Kathleen.

Kathleen, in particular, was so angry that her gums were gnawing.

How dare these reporters step on her to promote Wenshiyu, who gave them face.

Wen Shiyu also noticed Kathleen’s ugly face, for the sake of unnecessary trouble, she could not be led by the reporters again.

“Feelings? I’m actually quite lost tonight.”

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