Always Been Yours Chapter 665

“Why would Miss Wen have such an idea?”

The reporters all sounded much more excited as they thought they could dig up some inside information.

Wen Shiyu took in all the reporters’ expressions and her voice was a little melancholy, “Because the most important person to me didn’t get to see my performance.”

“Can Miss Wen tell us who this most important person is that you are talking about? Your lover or?”

“Sorry, this is personal and I don’t want it to affect his life because of me.”

At that, the journalists were disappointed, they were so keen to get first hand information that they picked up again and kept digging for other information.

“So, apart from that important person, does Miss Wen have any other feelings? For example, who would you most like to thank for the success of this performance?”

“I don’t know if Miss Wen’s family is here, do you have any words you would like to say to your family?”

“Do you think the biggest credit for your current achievement should go to your teachers or your family who supported you?”

Listening to these questions, Wen Shiyu had a polite smile on the corner of her mouth, but her almond eyes were devoid of any smiles.

These reporters were really unrelenting, all kinds of digging holes for her to stir up trouble.

“The person I want to be most grateful to is naturally my teacher, if she hadn’t picked me and given me the opportunity to develop, it might have taken me several more years to get where I am now.”

“As for my family, I would like to say that I have not let them down and I will try to make myself a source of pride for them in the future.”

“The biggest credit, I think, should go to the person who matters most to me because I wanted to show him the best version of myself and stand beside him as the best, and he gave me the biggest motivation to keep shedding.”

No matter how pointed the questions were, Wen Shiyu answered them perfectly, making it impossible to pick out any mistakes.

The reporters, amazed and somewhat reluctant, kept asking questions.

But Wen Shiyu was no longer in the mood to answer.

Besides, this was not her home turf alone, and she could not keep hogging the camera, or Kathleen would be angry again.

Wen Shiyu went backstage, but to her surprise, the reporters couldn’t dig up any gimmicky news on her, so they all focused on Kathleen.

“Kathleen, I can see that Miss Wen is your mum’s favourite student, are you worried that she will steal the halo that originally belongs to you?”

“Recently, there are rumours in the circle that Miss Wen has inherited your mummy’s mantle and will surpa*s her in future achievements, what do you think about this?”

“It is said that many people in the circle are saying that your talent is not as good as Miss Wen, are you worried that you will be replaced by Miss Wen one day?”

“Nowadays there are two bands in Hathaway’s band, will you be fighting over who is the number one band? Will you and Miss Wen fight over who will be the first principal violinist of Hathaway Orchestra?”

One question was thrown out even more sharply and pointedly than before.

Kathleen gripped the microphone tightly, her finger bones whitening with the effort, but still with a light smile on her face.

She knew very well that she couldn’t shrug it off at this time, or she would fall into the trap of these reporters.

“I’m sure my mum would be happy for Tokiya to surpa*s my mum, and so am I.”

“As for you guys asking if I would worry about Shiyu surpa*sing me, I just want to say that everyone has strengths that belong to everyone, and since the shining points are different, why should I worry that I will be replaced?”

These few words were said graciously and appropriately by Kathleen.

But the journalists weren’t about to let her off the hook, and the questions were even tougher and more demanding than earlier.

“Kathleen, although you answered perfectly just now, it felt more like a cop-out to us, so is this a tacit admission that you are not as good as Miss Wen?”

“In the world, even real sisters turn over their heads over interests, and with what you just said, are you trying to express that you and Miss Wen are better than real sisters?”

“But I heard that Kathleen had done something against Miss Wen before out of jealousy, do you have any explanation for this Kathleen?”


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