Always Been Yours Chapter 666

Listening to the pointed questions, Kathleen was on the verge of losing the smile on her face.

Hathaway, too, sensed her daughter’s suppressed emotions.

Worried that her daughter’s emotions would get the better of her and cause an irreversible situation, she rushed forward to uncover the topic.

“I’d like to thank you all for your support of our band, so let me talk to you about the plans for the second group.”

She said as she gestured for Kathleen to leave.

Kathleen did not want to stay on stage any longer either and turned around and headed backstage.

When she got back, she couldn’t contain her anger any longer as she thought about all those reporters’ questions and slammed and smashed things around her.

“Bloody hell, a bunch of no-nonsense rubbish!”

She cursed angrily under her breath.

The people around her were silenced.

Wen Shiyu was in the crowd.

Kathleen overlooked her, her eyes resentful as anything, gritting her teeth, “Wen Shiyu, aren’t you very proud now, being held so high, aren’t you very happy, stepping on me to get to the top, aren’t you very proud of yourself?!!!”

Kathleen was hysterical, her whole body was twisted.

As Wen Shiyu watched, her brows knitted, she felt even more that this was an unwarranted disaster.

“I have nothing to be proud of, and I never wanted to step on you to get to the top, my mouth is on those reporters, don’t take the anger you got from the reporters to me.”

But Kathleen couldn’t listen to that.

She glared at Wen Shiyu with indignation, her eyes wanting to eat the person alive.

“Wen Shiyu, I tell you, as long as I am Kathleen, you will never be able to beat me one day!”

Wen Shiyu looked at the maniacal Cathleen and only felt speechless.

Was this woman really all wrong without hating herself for one day?

“Whatever you think, I’ve explained everything that needs to be explained.”

With those words, Wen Shiyu stopped paying attention to Cathleen and turned around to pack her things with the intention of leaving.

After all, Jing Chen and Xiao Bao’er were still with her.

But unexpectedly, her attitude made Cathleen even more furious, thinking that Wen Shiyu was now famous and did not put herself in her eyes.

‘Bang’ there was a loud bang.

A violin case fell at Wen Shiyu’s feet, and Kathleen bellowed in her ears.

“Did I give you permission to leave?”

Wen Shiyu looked at the violin case at his feet and couldn’t help but get a little angry.

If Kathleen hadn’t managed to get an empty violin case, but had taken a box with a violin in it, the violin in that box would be ruined into something after such a drop.

“Kathleen, you’ve had enough!”

She turned around and scolded Cathleen.

I don’t know if it was because she had spent a lot of time with Feng Shenye, but her petite body carried an imposing aura that made people wince.

“Put away your eye-rolling disease, in order for others not to overtake you, it is not to target others at every turn and use tactics that are not on the table, but to work hard to improve yourself!”

After saying this, she picked up the violin case on the ground and put it aside, returning to her place with a cold face.

The others didn’t dare to breathe, fearing that they would be angered by Kathleen.

Kathleen stared deadly at Wen Shiyu’s distant back, her eyes gloomy and resentful, terrifying.

She would never let this b*tch go!

The Hathaway Orchestra could only have one outstanding principal violinist in her!

Wen Shiyu didn’t know what Cathleen was thinking, but she knew in her heart that after tonight, she was afraid that her life in the orchestra would be uneventful again.

She sighed quietly.

It was useless for her to worry so much now.

After thinking about it, Wen Shiyu carried her violin case on her back and walked towards the place where she had agreed to meet her brother.

From a distance, she saw a car parked on the side of the street, so she sped up her steps and went there with a smile on her face.

As soon as she got into the car, she was hugged from behind and startled.

She didn’t wait for her to cry out, but she smelled Feng Shenye’s cold smell in the air, and her whole body froze.

At that moment, a hot, wet breath sprayed on her ear, followed by Feng Shenye’s hoarse, low voice, “I’m sorry.”


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