Always Been Yours Chapter 668

“It’s like this, and you still come.”

Her eyes were filled with tears, but she tried to open them wide to stare at Feng Shenye, but the heartache in her eyes was unmistakable.

Feng Shenye lost his smile, his heart felt like it was stuffed with candyfloss, warm and sweet.

“I’m really fine, don’t worry.”

He said and held Wen Shiyu’s hand to his lips and kissed it.

But Wen Shiyu wasn’t comforted and drew back her hand with a stern face, “It’s oozing blood, and you still say it’s fine, no, you have to come with me to the hospital.”

After the words were said, she turned her head and ordered the driver to go to the hospital.

Feng Shenye knew that Wen Shiyu was really angry and could only agree, nodding gently to the driver.

When they went to the hospital, Wen Shiyu supervised Feng Shenye as he underwent a series of tests.

“The patient’s body is a bit weak, he should have had a high fever before, fortunately the wound is only cracked a bit, it’s not infected, just redo a suture bandage later, pay attention to it when you get back, don’t let the wound touch cold water.”

The doctor took the test results and talked about Feng Shenye’s physical condition and gave a few more instructions.

Wen Shiyu listened very carefully.

By the time they finished dressing up and left the hospital after tossing and turning, it was already nearly midnight.

Later in the evening, the two returned home and found both Wen Jingchen and Little Bao’er still waiting in the living room.

“Jing Chen, Bao’er, why aren’t you guys resting at this late hour.”

Wen Shiyu looked at the large and small child on the sofa, a soft smile on her face.

Little Bao’er jumped down from the sofa and trotted all the way to Wen Shiyu’s side, saying in a milky voice, “We want to wait for auntie and daddy to come back.”

It was actually him and Uncle Jing Chen who were worried that Auntie and Daddy would get into a fight, so they waited uneasily.

Wen Jingchen also stood up from the sofa.

He looked at his sister and swept his eyes at his brother-in-law who had a smile on his lips, and seeing that the two did not look like they were arguing, the worry in his heart dissipated.

The smile on Wen Shiyu’s face softened even more as she listened to little Bao’er’s words.

She rubbed the little one’s short dark hair and said in a warm voice, “It’s getting late, let your Uncle Jing Chen take you to rest.”

Little Bao’er nodded and turned to follow Wen Jing Chen out.

Without taking a few steps, Wen Jing Chen heard a voice coming from behind him.

“Go rest on the sofa for a while, you rushed here in the middle of the night, you must not have eaten properly on the plane either, I’ll go cook you a bowl of noodles.”

Wen Shiyu said and walked towards the kitchen.

However, Feng Shenye did not want to sit alone in the living room and immediately followed behind Wen Shiyu.

When Wen Shiyu noticed, she pouted, “What are you doing following me, be careful of pulling the wound.”

“I don’t want to sit alone in the living room, I’ll wait for you here and I can still see you.”

Feng Shenye sat down at the dining table after saying this.

This was indeed the place where one could see every move in the kitchen.

Wen Shiyu couldn’t, so she could only say in a fierce manner, “It’s okay to sit here, don’t move around anymore.”

Feng Shenye nodded his head, his eyebrows all deep in love.

Just like this, one was busy in the kitchen and the other was gazing affectionately at the dining room, the picture was very cozy.

Not long after, Wen Shiyu came out with a bowl of noodles in clear soup.

“It’s ready to eat.”

She put the noodles in front of Feng Shenye and turned around to get chopsticks again.

Looking at the girl who was busy for him, Feng Shenye’s heart warmed up.

Because Feng Shenye’s injury was to his shoulder, in order to avoid him pulling the wound again, Wen Shiyu brought the chopsticks and planned to feed it herself.

“Hoo hoo …… should not be hot anymore, you take your time to eat.”

Wen Shiyu picked up the bowl of noodles and blew on it, then fed it to Feng Shenye’s mouth.

Feng Shenye cried and laughed, but his heart was full of emotion.

“I’m not hurt as badly as you think, it’s better for me to do it myself.”

He said, about to reach out to take the bowl from Wen Shiyu’s hand.

Wen Shiyu’s almond eyes glared, “Put your hand back, the wound is cracked, and you’re still telling me it’s not serious.”

Looking at the girl’s angry look, Feng Shenye snapped his hand back, but his heart was as sweet as if he had drunk honey.

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