Always Been Yours Chapter 669

“Don’t be angry, I promise I won’t be again.”

He gently coaxed the girl in front of him.

Of course Wen Shiyu wasn’t really angry, she just didn’t want Feng Shenye to pull his wounds again, so the atmosphere soon returned to its previous warmth.

Later in the evening, when Feng Shenye had eaten his fill, Wen Shiyu helped him back to his room.

During this time, Feng Shenye wanted to take a bath, but was refused.

“No, the doctor said that you can’t touch water with your wound.”

Wen Shiyu shook her head against it, her attitude very insistent.

Feng Shenye could not, and could only give up.

Suddenly, as if he thought of something, he looked at Wen Shiyu meaningfully, “Since you won’t let me take a bath, then you can help me wipe my body, after all, this is also physical work.”

Wen Shiyu was stunned, and did not think so much about it, and agreed.

Soon, she brought warm water from the bathroom and saw Feng Shenye already taking off his shirt and sitting on the edge of the bed.

Under the light, the man’s wheat-coloured skin, mermaid’s lines appearing, and his strong chest, one could not help but see a wave of heat rise in one’s cheeks.

Wen Shiyu looked away in embarra*sment.

Although they had done more intimate things, they still felt shy.

During the wiping process, Wen Shiyu’s eyes were also wavering and she was blushing.

Feng Shenye naturally took in the girl’s expressions, and his already deep eyes became even darker.

He smelled the fragrance emanating from the girl’s body, and with the thoughts he had been suppressing, it was as if something was awakening in his body.

When Wen Shiyu finished packing up, he could no longer suppress his body’s instincts and rolled over and pinned her underneath him for a kiss.

Wen Shiyu reacted and dodged while exclaiming, “Shen Ye, no.”


Feng Shenye’s breath was slightly panting as he looked at Wen Shiyu, his dark, deep eyes full of patience.

Wen Shiyu was not good-natured and said, “You’re still tossing and turning even though you’re like this, do you not want to get better?”

“It’s not a problem, I’ll move gently.”

Feng Shenye didn’t take this injury into consideration at all.

However, it was impossible for Wen Shiyu to follow him.

She knew very well what this man was like, he would never stop tossing and turning, and she wouldn’t be able to care when the time came.

“If I say no, then no.”

Wen Shiyu’s attitude was very strong.

When Feng Shenye saw this, he knew he couldn’t change it, so he sighed helplessly and rolled over to lie straight next to him.

That lifeless look made Wen Shiyu laugh and cry, and she could not bear it.

“Before your body is well, you should take care of yourself, and when you are well …… then you can toss and turn as you please.”

“This is what you said, you can’t go back on your word later.”

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who have been in the marketplace for a long time, and they’ve got a lot of people who have been in the marketplace for a long time.

Wen Shiyu looked at the glowing man and suddenly had a feeling that she had pitted herself against him.

“I just said it off the top of my head …….”

“I took it seriously.”

Feng Shenye didn’t wait for Wen Shiyu to finish before interrupting the conversation.

And he no longer gave Wen Shiyu a chance to slyly argue, using the uninjured hand to floor the person in his arms, “Well, go to sleep, it’s already late.”

Wen Shiyu couldn’t help it, but she was also really tired, so she fell into a deep sleep in a short while.

Under the moonlight, the two bodies fit together and slept in each other’s arms, the picture was very warm and beautiful.

On the other hand, little Bao’er, who should have been asleep, ran out of the room with a small pillow in his arms.

He tornly looked at daddy and auntie’s room and finally chose to knock on Wen Jing Chen’s room door.

Wen Jing Chen had not slept yet, he was working through the night on the work left by the company.

“Bao’er, why are you here?”

He opened the door and looked at the little one in front of him with some consternation.

“Uncle Jing Chen, can I sleep with you tonight?”

Little Bao’er tilted her little head and looked at Wen Jing Chen pitifully.

Wen Jing Chen was stunned and suddenly felt some sympathy for the little one in front of him, his father didn’t love his mother, this was too miserable.

He lost his voice and laughed, but agreed, “Yes, you can, come in.”


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