Always Been Yours Chapter 719

It was then that Little Treasure saw Mu Wanxian sitting on the sofa, and her shapely brow furrowed.

“Daddy, why are you with this aunt again?”

He came close to Feng Shenye and asked in a small voice, his big black and white eyes holding obvious reproach.

The look seemed to say, “Daddy, how could you forget about your aunt?

Feng Shenye couldn’t help but laugh, but still explained, “She is waiting for her grandfather to come over here.”

Hearing this, little Bao’er’s face looked better.

Mu Wanxian did not hear the conversation between father and son.

When she saw little Bao’er looking at herself, the corners of her mouth lifted into a gentle smile as she greeted her, “Bao’er, we meet again, do you remember auntie?”

“Yes, hello Auntie Mu.”

Little Bao’er responded politely, but her attitude was not intimate.

Little Bao’er’s cold attitude did not bother Mu Wanxian.

She knew how to grasp people’s hearts and knew that some things needed to be worked out slowly, so there was no hurry.

So for the next few days, she did not go to Feng Shenye again.

Instead, she went sightseeing every day, observing the domestic market and finding that the prospects for economic development in the country were extremely good.

Of course, the most important thing was that during this period she got to know more about Feng Shenye’s excellence.

By the time Feng Shenye took over the Feng Group, the Group’s business territory had expanded to include foreign countries, and the number of industries involved was unparalleled by others.

Every day when she attended different business gatherings, she could hear people praising Feng Shenye.

It could be said that the more she got to know Feng Shenye, the more interest she showed in this man.

Such an outstanding man was the first time she had ever seen one, at least when she was growing up.

A week later, Old Mr. Mu was about to return.

When the old man found out, he once again invited the two grandchildren to the old mansion for a meal.

On this day, he also called Feng Shenye’s family over as well.

In the luxurious living room.

Pei Xin Yi didn’t know if she had guessed the old man’s intention, and the more she looked at Mu Wan Xian, the more she was satisfied.

Today, Mu Wanxian was wearing a waist-length skirt and a light blue casual blazer on the upper half of her body, which was quietly elegant and with a sensual beauty.

Probably because she could see that Pei Xin Yi was fond of her, Mu Wan Xian spoke tactfully to hold up Pei Xin Yi.

The two were talking and laughing, looking intimate.

Next to them, the old man and Mr. Mu also spoke, and occasionally Feng Tianyi would interject.

Feng Shen Jin looked at the happy picture in front of him, looked at his brother with pity and whispered, “This meal tonight, ah, it looks like a Hongmen banquet to me.”

Feng Shenye glanced at him indifferently and said nothing.

Later in the evening, Butler He respectfully walked over, “Master, it’s time to open the banquet.”

“Good, let’s go and eat.”

The old master greeted Old Master Mu.

The group of people walked towards the dining room.

During the meal, the old master asked with concern, “Wanxian, I heard your grandfather say that you are planning to start a business, do you have any ideas?”

“There is really one idea.”

Mu Wanxian responded graciously, with a confident glow between her eyebrows, smiling, “These days I have been observing the domestic market, and have found many business opportunities, and they operate more quickly than abroad, and if they are run properly, the returns will be very substantial, so I plan to start a business in China.”

“Nowadays, the domestic economy is developing rapidly and the market is actually no worse than abroad, it’s good that you have such an idea, very good.”

The old man did not hide in the slightest his positive opinion of Mu Wanxian.

Mu Wanxian pursed her lips and smiled lightly, and spoke a lot more about her insights and senses.

Hearing this, the old master was a little surprised and turned his head to Old Mr. Mu and exclaimed, “This granddaughter of yours has a talent for business.”

“Don’t you praise her, compared to your family’s Shen Ye, she’s still far from it.”

Although the words were said, Old Mr. Mu looked proud.

Mo Wanxian also made a few modest remarks, but out of the corner of her eye, she couldn’t help but look at Feng Shenye.

Feng Shenye seemed to be unaware of Mu Wanxian’s gaze, and was eating his meal on his own.

Seeing this, Mu Wanxian’s starry eyes could not help but cross with a touch of disappointment.

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