Always Been Yours Chapter 720

She thought she could get this man’s attention with her insights just now.

The old man didn’t notice Mu Wanxian’s difference and said to her supportively, “If you want to stay and start your own business, feel free to stay, and if you don’t have a place to live, you can live in the Feng family, so that if you encounter something you don’t understand in business, you can also look for Shenye, who can also help you.”

As soon as Feng Shenjin heard this, he felt bad.

If they lived in their house and involved his brother, wouldn’t the two of them have to interact with each other in the future, and when the time came, grandpa …… would still have this idea in mind.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at your brother.

This is the first time I’ve ever seen a woman in love with a man.

Feng Shenye did not know what his brother was thinking, but was quite calm about what the old man was doing.

“You can let Shen Jin help you with business matters, I’m busy during the day and I have to take care of Bao’er when I go back at night, I’m afraid I have less time.”

Hearing the man’s polite refusal, it was impossible for Mu Wanxian to say that she was not disappointed.

She had thought that with the old man’s word, Feng Shenye would be in the way of the old man’s agreement.

The old man’s face was also a little pale at this moment and he said, “Even if you are busy, you still have some time, right?”

Pei Xin Yi also followed suit, “If you are afraid of being too busy, Bao’er can be sent to me, I will take care of her.”

At these words, Feng Shenye frowned a little unhappily.

Little Bao’er also finally saw some hints at this time.

“Bao’er doesn’t want to be separated from daddy.”

He pouted unhappily and made up his mind to help his aunt keep an eye on daddy.

Pei Xin Yi didn’t know this and looked at the little one in mock sadness, “Does Bao’er not want to live with Grandma?”

Little Bao’er hesitated and said in a milky voice, “Bao’er doesn’t want to be separated from daddy, but he can go back with daddy to see grandma.”

“Little smart-a*s.”

Pei Xin Yi lost her smile and looked at the little one dotingly.

Seeing this, Mu Wanxian also knew that the momentum had gone, so she complied with Feng Shenye’s words and said understandingly, “Then I’ll trouble Shenjin from now on, I’ll try not to cause you any trouble as much as possible.”

“Good point.”

Feng Shen Jin nodded his head with disinterest.

Although he had taken the blame, his brother would just be happy.

After finishing their meal, the group rejoined the living room.

The old man and Old Man Mu chatted idly.

Mu Wanxian was in two minds, talking with Pei Xingyi while keeping an eye on Feng Shenye.

The more she looked at him, the more she felt that this man in front of her was her ideal future husband, and her inner fondness deepened considerably.

Although her movements were very careful, she was still able to see some of them by Pei Xin Yi.

Pei Xin Yi curled her lips and told Mu Wan Xian some of Feng Shen Ye’s preferences without moving her lips.

More than Wen Shiyu, she wanted the woman standing by her son’s side to be the right one for the right family, not someone who dragged her son down at every turn.

“It’s getting late, so we should go back too.”

Later in the evening, Old Man Mu offered to leave.

The old man nodded his head and instructed, “Shenye, see Old Mu and Wanxian off for me.”

Feng Shenye frowned slightly, but did not refuse due to the presence of his elders.

After handing over the sleeping little treasure in his arms to his mother, he got up to see them off.

Mu Wanxian followed Feng Shenye’s side, wanting to say something several times, but was repulsed by the man’s cold expression.

It was only when she finally got into the car that she gathered the courage to say goodbye to Feng Shenye, “I’m leaving, see you next time.”

Feng Shenye indifferently nodded his head, and after seeing the car leave, he turned around and returned to the living room.

When he returned, he looked at the old man who was still sitting on the sofa and thought about what happened tonight, his face turned colder, “I hope there won’t be a next time after what happened tonight, and you shouldn’t bother with all this nonsense for nothing.

After he finished speaking, he did not care how ugly the old man’s face looked, picked up the sleeping little treasure, turned around and left.

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