Always Been Yours Chapter 749

At these words, the tension in Wen Shiyu’s heart dissipated.

She smiled sideways at Feng Shenye, feeling that as long as he was there, she had nothing to fear.

The elders of the Feng family saw the interaction between the two of them.

The old man still kept his face straight, unable to see his happiness or anger.

On the contrary, it was Feng Tianyi and his wife who looked at Wen Shiyu with complicated eyes.

After all, they had never seen such a gentle Feng Shenye before.

Wen Shiyu did not know this.

She followed Feng Shenye up to the front and greeted the Feng family elders graciously.

“Grandpa, dad …… mum.”

Looking at the gentle, generous and polite girl, Pei Xingyi’s expression was light.

Feng Tianyi nodded and was quite friendly.

The old man still had a stern face and had a clear displeasure.

Even so, Wen Shiyu continued to smile unchanged and gave her brother a gesture.

Wen Jingchen understood and handed over the gift in his hand.

Although Feng Shenye had said that he would prepare the gift, Wen Shiyu felt that it was more thoughtful to prepare it himself.

“Grandpa Feng, I know you like tea, I specially collected some abroad, you can try it.”

Wen Shiyu took out a box of exquisitely packaged tea and handed it over.

The old man glanced at it coldly, not meaning to open his mouth to take it.

Feng Shenye’s face sank slightly and he directly pa*sed a look to the housekeeper next to him.

The butler nodded and went forward to take the gift box from Wen Shiyu’s hand.

Wen Shiyu gave Feng Shenye a grateful glance.

Otherwise, if the old man had been ignoring her, she would have been unable to step down.

Similarly, Wen Jingchen’s face wasn’t much better either.

But because it was expected, he didn’t say anything, intending to take another look.

Next up was Pei Xin Yi’s gift.

Because she knew she liked violins, Wen Shiyu gave her a violin book.

As for Feng Tianyi, it was a pair of characters.

These were all things that Wen Shiyu had gotten at the auction earlier.

After delivering the gifts, Wen Shiyu re-stepped to Feng Shenye’s side.

At this time, Wen Jingchen also stepped forward to introduce herself, “Elder Feng, Mr. Feng, Madam Feng, hello, my name is Wen Jingchen, and I am also my sister’s only relative, since today is a meeting between the two families, I will come uninvited.”

Hearing this, Feng Tianyi and his wife looked up and down at Wen Jingchen, and there was some surprise in their eyes.

It was because they sensed from Wen Jingchen’s talk that this son was extraordinary, especially that una*suming and una*suming demeanour.

This Wen Shiyu has a good brother.

They sighed in their hearts.

The old man also looked up and down at Wen Jingchen, but did not say anything.

He turned his eyes to stare at Wen Shiyu and coldly snorted, “I didn’t know you had such a lot of heart, what, you thought that by being pregnant, you could marry into the Feng family’s door?”

The old man’s words, without surprise, caused Feng Shenye’s and Wen Jingchen’s faces to instantly pull down.

Feng Shenye, in particular, originally wanted to say something, but was stopped by Wen Shiyu.

Although Wen Shiyu didn’t like the old man’s words either, she knew that it was her own battlefield now, and if she let Feng Shenye help, it would only make the old man more and more displeased with herself.

“I think grandfather misunderstood me, I don’t have the idea that a mother is a son.”

She looked straight at the old man without fear and said in a deep voice, “Although there may be many people who do want to enter the Feng family’s luxurious family, I am different, I have my own quest.”

“Talking is better than singing, if you are not the same, then why are you here now?”

The old man was not giving any face to Wen Shiyu, aggressively.

Wen Shiyu didn’t care either and slowly said, “No one can influence matters of emotions, I love Shen Ye, so I will stand here.”

“Then do you know that your love, to Shen Ye, is a drag!”

The old man struck again, right to the point, “Shen Ye is the one in charge of the Feng family, what he needs is a virtuous helper who can stand by his side and provide him with help, what can you do for him?”

Wen Shiyu’s breath hitched, she didn’t know how to answer for a moment, and her face turned a little pale.


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