Always Been Yours Chapter 750

Feng Shenye was heartbroken when he saw it in his eyes.

He held Wen Shiyu’s hand tightly and stepped forward to defend her, “I said, what I want is a life partner, a spiritual partner, not my work partner, my subordinate, grandpa, could it be that in your heart, the future development of our Feng family can only rely on women?”

These words were actually somewhat heart-breaking.

The old man’s face was unsurprisingly very ugly.

Seeing this, Feng Tianyi reprimanded, “Shenye, how do you talk to your grandfather?”

Feng Shenye had a cold face and originally wanted to say something else, but Wen Shiyu pulled him back and shook her head at him.

“The Feng family’s luxurious family certainly allows people to be clothed and fed for the rest of their lives, perhaps this is the reason why many people want to marry into a luxurious family, but I am not one of these people, and this is not the life I want, you don’t know me and have such misunderstandings about me, I can understand.”

Wen Shiyu looked straight at the old man and said word for word, “But I have my own dreams, I can say that getting pregnant, it wasn’t in my plans at first, but since it came, I couldn’t bear to take it away, it’s my crystallization with Shenye.”

The old man looked at the girl stroking her stomach and suddenly choked a little, his face was very bad.

Wen Shiyu didn’t care, her voice sincere as she continued, “My relationship with Shenye, stumbled before it stabilized, there were many situations in the middle, you are also clear, and he can’t let me suffer, I also don’t want him to be embarra*sed for me, so I will try to make myself excellent, to be worthy of him, so I hope you can accept me, grandpa. ”

At this time, Wen Jingchen also couldn’t help but stand out to help.

“I understand what Elder Feng means, although my sister is not a magnate yet, I will work hard and make the Wen family a magnate and become worthy of your Feng family, even if this goal is difficult now, but I will not give up.”

Hearing these words from her brother, Wen Shiyu was inwardly moved.

Little Bao’er also ran down from upstairs at this time.

It turned out that the elders of the Feng family were worried that the little one was there and would be bad, so they deliberately sent people to the children’s room, but they didn’t want the little one to be resourceful and shake off the maids who were watching over him.

“Grandpa Zeng, Bao’er likes his aunt as a mommy, don’t drive her away, okay?”

Little Bao’er shielded in front of Wen Shiyu and looked at the old man pleadingly.

When the old man looked at how even Little Bao’er defended Wen Shiyu, his face was very bad and he questioned in a cold voice, “Who put the little young master down?”

“No one put Bao’er down, it was Bao’er who sneaked down, Grandpa Zeng, don’t drive Auntie away, okay, Bao’er just wants Auntie to be Bao’er’s mummy.”

Little Bao’er once again looked at the old man pitifully, his big black and white eyes were filled with tears, and he was in a position to cry if the old man didn’t agree.

The old man could not be angry with little Bao’er even if he was angry in his heart.

Wen Shiyu looked at the little person who was speaking for herself in front of her, her eyes were a little warm and moved.

She took a deep breath, forcing back the tears in her eyes, and looked straight at the old man.

“If you care about my status and are afraid of being embarra*sed, then Shen Ye and I can first conceal our marriage and not make it public, and then one day, when you feel it’s right, it’s fine to talk about it.”

Originally she thought that if she gave in like this, the old man should agree even if he was not satisfied, but what she did not expect was a cold laugh from the old man in return.

“Miss Wen is so capable, she talks and acts in one way, no wonder my two grandsons are under your compulsion.”

“I never compelled them, I just exchanged my heart for my heart.”

“A good exchange of sincerity for sincerity, in the end it is still your skill.”

The old man coldly snorted, his tone was indescribably disdainful.

Wen Shiyu’s thin lips were pursed, not knowing what to say for a moment.

She did not expect the old man to be so stubborn.

The old man did not know what was going on in Wen Shiyu’s mind.

He looked at the silent Wen Shiyu and a sharp light flashed in his eyes, “This marriage, even if you tie the knot, I will not approve of it, and I also want you to promise one thing.”

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