Always Been Yours Chapter 768

“There’s also a possibility that it’s not aimed at Wen Shiyu, after all, there are so many people coming here for training today, if it’s really aimed at Wen Shiyu, then how can she be sure where Wen Shiyu will stand?”

As soon as these words came out, someone immediately agreed.

“Yeah, I think it should be a coincidence.”

“Besides, people in our band, there are usually minor conflicts, but most of them still get along well, to do something like this, how big a grudge would it have to be?”

Despite what was said, there were still quite a few people who insisted that it was a conspiracy.

After all, it wasn’t as if something worse than this hadn’t happened in the orchestra before.

In a flash, many people remembered Kathleen’s previous incident of hiring a murderer to intimidate Wen Shiyu.

They felt that if this incident was aimed at Wen Shiyu, then Kathleen was highly suspicious.

Therefore, many of them looked at Kathleen suspiciously.

Among them, Mona had a hunch that this matter was definitely related to Kathleen.

But she had no proof and could not question her.

Kathleen’s face turned ugly as she noticed the stares being cast around her.

She questioned knowingly, “What are you looking at me for? Do you think that I deliberately set Wen Shiyu up? Am I that stupid?”

For a moment, many people were really subdued by her.

Yes, Kathleen shouldn’t have been stupid enough to make a move on Wen Shiyu at the orchestra.

After all, this kind of thing would be found out once they checked.

In the end, the crowd said nothing more.

And the matter was left inconclusive for a while.

With a suspicious glance at Cathleen, Hathaway demanded of the person in charge, “I want you to investigate this matter as soon as possible and give me an explanation, as well as an explanation to my members.”

“That is natural, that is natural.”

The person in charge replied repeatedly.

Seeing this, Hathaway paid no more attention to him and turned her head to let the other orchestra members disperse.

Later in the evening, after making some arrangements, she planned to visit Wen Shiyu in the hospital.

In the ward, Mona arrived before Hathaway.

She looked at the depressed Wen Shiyu and said comfortingly, “Since the doctor said there is nothing serious wrong with Feng, you should not worry too much and pay attention to the baby in your stomach.”

Wen Shiyu could not listen to a single word of her friend’s comfort, and her eyes were red.

Seeing this, Little Bao’er and the housekeeper were also beside themselves to comfort.

“Mummy, don’t be sad, or Daddy will be heartbroken when he wakes up.”

“Yes, young madam, if you are like this, young master will be worried when he wakes up.”

Wen Shiyu didn’t want to be like this either, but Feng Shenye kept not waking up and her heart was in turmoil.

At this time, Hathaway knocked on the door and came in.


“Grandma Hathaway.”

Mona and Xiao Bao’er greeted each other.

The housekeeper was also beside them with a polite greeting.

When Wen Shiyu saw Hathaway, she then reluctantly shot up and asked, “Teacher, what brings you here?”

“I came to see, how is your husband?”

“A slight bone fracture, he needs to be hospitalised for a few days for observation, but the rest is fine.”

Wen Shiyu gave a general description of the situation.

Hathaway was inwardly relieved after hearing this, “It’s good that there’s no major problem.”

Wen Shiyu nodded gently, she was also thankful that there were no major problems.

After a brief exchange of pleasantries, she couldn’t help but ask a follow-up question, “Teacher, what’s the deal with the chandelier?”

“The chandelier should be an oversight on the part of the staff, I’ve had someone secretly investigate, I believe we’ll have the results soon.”

Hathaway spoke out what she had learned.

Next to her, Mona looked at Hathaway with a twinkle in her eyes when she heard this.

It was obvious that the chandelier had been cut off artificially, so why didn’t the headmaster tell Tokiya the news?

Could it be that the Headmaster was trying to cover up for Cathleen?

Although there was no evidence to prove that this incident was related to Cathleen now, Mona had already decided in her heart that it was Cathleen.

After all, the only person who hated Wen Shiyu was Kathleen.

And who told Kathleen that she had a criminal record.

Mona thought about it in her mind, but didn’t say anything about it.

She echoed, “Chief, this matter must be investigated properly, we can’t let it go. It’s also lucky that it wasn’t Shiyu who was hit, if Shiyu had been hit, something might have happened to her and the baby in her belly.”


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