Always Been Yours Chapter 769

Hearing these words, Wen Shiyu was also a moment of fear.

Yes, if she was smashed, she and the little baby, the consequences are unthinkable ah ……

Hathaway’s face also turned serious.

Indeed, this matter cannot be condoned.

After that, the three of them talked for a while more, and Hathaway left first because she had a lot of things to do.

When she had gone, Mona became somewhat silent.

She was torn about whether to tell Wen Shiyu about the discovery over at the orchestra or not.

But she was worried that the headmaster had other plans by not telling Wen Shiyu.

Just as she was hesitating, Wen Shiyu noticed her difference and inquired, “What’s wrong with you? Do you look preoccupied?”

Looking at Wen Shiyu’s concerned eyes, Mona gritted her teeth.

This was a matter that she felt her best friend, as the victim, had the right to know.

“Shiyu, actually the chandelier falling was not an accident, the rope was cut by someone with malicious intent.”

“What you said is true?”

Wen Shiyu’s heart fluttered and she looked at Mona seriously.

Mo Na nodded, “Many people in the regiment know about this matter.”

At those words, Wen Shiyu’s face instantly turned sullen and cold.

If the accident was man-made, then there was no surprise that it was a conspiracy against her.

And who in the band didn’t want to make it easy for her, other than Kathleen, she made no other guesses.

In fact, she wanted to ask Mona more bluntly if it was Cathleen.

But in the end she didn’t say anything.

Even so, Mona could see it in her face and said softly, “I hope it’s not ……”

Hearing her best friend’s words, Wen Shiyu did not respond and her eyes glared.

If it was really Kathleen’s doing, then she would definitely not let this woman go!

Later in the evening, Feng Shenye woke up.

Wen Shiyu was the first to notice and immediately went forward with concern, “You’re awake, how do you feel?”

Looking at the worry on the girl’s face, Feng Shenye faintly curled his lips and said comfortingly, “I’m fine, it just hurts a little.”

Hearing these words, Wen Shiyu’s eyes immediately reddened.

She knew that to make Feng Shenye say that it hurt, it should really hurt a lot.

“It’s all my fault, if I had reacted quickly at that time, you wouldn’t have been hurt from saving me.”

“It’s not your fault, normal people can’t react when they encounter something like this.”

Feng Shenye persuaded Wen Shiyu, not wanting his girl to get into a bull’s eye, “And I’m glad that it wasn’t you who was hurt, otherwise I would have been worried if something had happened to you.”

Wen Shiyu choked back a sob, not knowing what to say.

Seeing this, little Bao’er stepped forward like a little adult and persuaded, “Mummy, don’t cry, Daddy is a big man, it’s fine.”

Although he said that, he still looked at Feng Shenye with a worried face, “Daddy, do you want Bao’er to blow on the wound for you, so that it won’t hurt.”

Feng Shenye lost his smile, “No need, help me persuade your mommy together, don’t make her sad.”

Little Bao’er nodded his head in a very good manner and persuaded Wen Shiyu together with Feng Shenye.

Under the persuasion of father and son, Wen Shiyu’s emotions stabilised.

Next to her, Mo Na was also forced to eat a mouthful of dog food, but she didn’t care.

Looking at Feng Shenye who was fine, she was quite relieved for her best friend.

Thinking, she stood up from the side and smiled, “Since Mr Feng has woken up, I’ll go back.”

Only then did Wen Shiyu remember that her good friend was still there and said, somewhat embarra*sed, “Then you go back and pay attention, thank you for accompanying me tonight.”

“Many thanks.”

Feng Shenye also looked at Mona thankfully.

Mo Na waved her hand, “No need to thank me, I also saw that Shiyu was too worried and was not at ease.”

Feng Shenye nodded and gestured for the butler to send the person back.

The housekeeper nodded and took orders, respectfully leading Mo Na away.

Only the three members of the family were left in the ward.

Wen Shiyu asked with concern, “Are you hungry, do you want something to eat?”

“I’m really hungry.”

Feng Shenye nodded truthfully.

At that, Wen Shiyu immediately went outside to buy something to eat.

In a short while, she returned with a light dinner.

Since Feng Shenye’s hands were not convenient, Wen Shiyu personally fed him his meal.

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