Always Been Yours Chapter 772

Hathaway’s face was blue when she found Cathleen.

How could she have ever imagined that after something like that, Cathleen could still be so mindlessly swimming in wine tasting?

“You’re coming to your room with me right now!”

Dropping those words, she immediately turned to leave.

Kathleen looked at her mummy’s anger-filled back and sensed something vaguely unsettling.

Even so, she followed her.

Once inside, before she could say anything, a slap landed directly on her face.

Kathleen was dumbfounded.

She covered her face and looked at Hathaway in dismay, “You hit me? Why?”

“You have the nerve to ask me why, don’t you know in your heart what you have done?”

Hathaway looked at Cathleen angrily.

Kathleen’s eyes flashed, pretending not to know, and said accusingly, “What have I done to make you so angry?”

Looking at her daughter who refused to admit it, Hathaway’s eyes were filled with disappointment, “Did you not do that chandelier thing yesterday?”

Hearing this, Kathleen’s heart stuttered.

“Who are you to say that I did this incident? Does it mean that if something happened to her Wen Shiyu, it must be related to me?”

She couldn’t admit this to death, “Mummy, you are so protective of that woman Wen Shiyu, do you still remember who is your daughter or not?”

Faced with such an unrepentant daughter, Hathaway was extremely distressed.

At this time, Wen Shiyu appeared at the door with her men.

“Don’t you admit it by now?”

She looked at Cathleen angrily, feeling that there had never been such a shameless person.

Kathleen was startled to see the sudden appearance of Wen Shiyu.

But she quickly calmed down and disliked her, “Why should I admit it, and what proof do you have that I had anything to do with it?”

Wen Shiyu stared at Kathleen with a deadly stare, then took out her phone and played out the evidence she had copied from her men earlier.

“As long as you destroy that chandelier, I’ll give you one million euros.”

At the sound of her own voice, Kathleen’s face paled.

She hadn’t expected to be filmed with the evidence.

Looking at Kathleen who had changed her face, Wen Shiyu took a step closer, “What else do you have to say now?”

“Don’t you come any closer!”

Kathleen backed away sheepishly.

Wen Shiyu didn’t listen to her at all, and approached again with an overwhelming aura, “Normally, you would find fault with me, no harm done, for the sake of the teacher, I can pretend I didn’t see it, but I really didn’t expect that you would hate me to this extent!”

Hearing these words, Hathaway was beside herself with shame.

As a result, she did not stop Wen Shiyu’s behaviour.

At this time, Wen Shiyu had already walked to a stop two steps away from Cathleen.

Her gaze was cold as she gazed at Cathleen, “I asked myself, since I joined the group, not to get into conflict with you as much as possible, but you have repeatedly laid hands on me.”

At this moment, it was not known whether Kathleen was frightened or just weak, her face was a little white.

Even so, Wen Shiyu was not the least bit soft-hearted.

She raised her voice violently and questioned, “After all this, do you still refuse to admit your mistake?”

Kathleen came back to her senses and sneered as she locked eyes with the greenhouse rain.

“Asking me to admit my mistake? You’re dreaming!”

As soon as the words left her mouth, Wen Shiyu slapped her across the face.

Kathleen covered her face, shocked, “How dare you hit me?”

“This slap is the price for your injury to my husband!”

Wen Shiyu was not frightened by Kathleen’s gaze that was about to eat her, she said coldly, “I won’t bother with you when you set me up repeatedly before, but this time you almost got someone killed, there is no way I will let you off, if you are not convinced, just go and talk to the police!”

As soon as those words left his mouth, a policeman came in and took Kathleen away.

After the police took Kathleen away, only Wen Shiyu and Hathaway were left in the room.

Hathaway looked at the direction the police had left, obviously a bit intolerant.

She looked at Wen Shiyu several times and tried to say something, but in the end, nothing was said.

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