Always Been Yours Chapter 773

And all of this, Wen Shiyu took it in her eyes and took it upon herself to get some words out.

“I’m sorry teacher, I’ve put up with Kathleen again and again, but what she’s done has posed a threat to my life, and I can no longer pretend that nothing has happened ……”

“I know that Cathleen is to blame for this situation.”

Hathaway was still sensible.

All along, Kathleen had been constantly provoking Wen Shiyu, and it was only because of her face that Wen Shiyu had never bothered.

But this time, there was almost a death.

She could understand Wen Shiyu’s feelings.

“I’m the one who didn’t teach Kathleen well.”

She sighed, her originally straight back instantly bent quite a bit, as if she had aged quite a bit all of a sudden.

Wen Shiyu pursed her lips and didn’t know how to comfort her teacher.

In the end, it was Hathaway who waved her off.

Back at the hospital, Feng Shenye looked at the girl who was in high spirits, and did not ask about the treatment.

Even so, Wen Shiyu took the initiative to say, “I’ve already called the police to deal with this matter, and now Cathleen has been taken away by the police.”

“You did the right thing, since you did something wrong, you should accept the punishment.”

Feng Shenye nodded in approval, and was indirectly comforting Wen Shiyu.

He knew that his girl was very kind, and it must be very hard on her heart to make such a choice.

And indeed it was.

Wen Shiyu was also worried in her heart.

After all, her teacher had treated her well, but she had sent her teacher’s only daughter to the police station.

“Do you think it will be hard for the teacher if I do this? And with the performance coming up here soon and something happening to Kathleen, what is the teacher going to do with a clump of performances?”

Saying this, Wen Shiyu was not trying to forgive Kathleen, she was just purely worried about the teacher.

“You’re right, the fault is Kathleen’s.”

Feng Shenye comfortingly took Wen Shiyu’s hand and comforted her in a thin voice, “You have already given in for your teacher many times, but Cathleen has never cared about her mother’s position and sees you as a thorn in her side, if this goes on for a long time, there is no telling what she will do in the future, instead of waiting for her to do something irreparable, it is better to stop the damage in time, so that both you and your teacher can be well. ”

At these words, Wen Shiyu also felt that she was not wrong to do so, moreover she did not regret treating Cathleen like this at all.

It was because it was Cathleen that caused Feng Shenye to get hurt.

Just thinking about that time when Feng Shenye was unconscious in her arms and couldn’t wake up no matter how she screamed, her heart was aching to death.

At the same time, the news of Kathleen’s arrest spread through the orchestra.

“What’s going on? The performance is coming up and Kathleen has been arrested.”

“What about the troupe’s performance?”

“Will this affect the timing of the performance?”

“I think so.”

“My God, what’s happened, has anyone gone to the head of the group?”

“I don’t know, but we could ask someone in the First Regiment.”

There was a lot of talk among the Second Regiment, and some people couldn’t resist going to the people in the regiment to find out what was going on.

Some of the members of the First Regiment knew about Cathleen, but they didn’t dare to spread the word.

After all, if the matter were to become a big issue, Kathleen’s future would be ruined, and the regimental commander would not let them off the hook.

Later that afternoon, the commander of the group, also worried about the performance, went straight to Hathaway.

“Chief, it’s almost time for the performance, and what will the troupe do without their principal violinist?”

He was aware of what Kathleen had done and was well aware of the incident, and Kathleen would not be out for a while.

So he was worried about the group’s performance and was furious with Kathleen for implicating them.

Hathaway was also worried about the performance, “If we can’t, let’s call in outside help.”

As she finished, she had already thought of someone to help her.

Pei Shixi hadn’t even scheduled a performance recently, so Hathaway contacted him directly.

“Help? Yes, I can, I’ll be there tomorrow.”


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