Always Been Yours Chapter 776

Lauryn was stunned.

My friend said coldly, “That would require asking who your daughter has actually offended.”

“Just one of my ex-wife’s students.”

“Then you should find out if this ex-wife’s student of yours has any background, or ask your ex-wife to figure it out.”

Asking himself to go to his ex-wife was something Lauryn was reluctant to do.

Wouldn’t that be telling Hathaway that he couldn’t save Cathleen, that he didn’t want to lose face?

Besides, he had put words in his mouth so badly before, and had even moved his hand, and Hathaway would certainly not give him a good look if he went over there now, let alone discuss saving his daughter.

He suppressed his anger and inquired, “Isn’t there any other way?”

“There’s nothing I can do, or you’ll find someone else.”

My friend, lovingly, made a few suggestions and then simply hung up the phone.

Lauryn held the hung-up phone, his brow furrowed tightly.

This friend was already one of the most capable people he knew, and if he couldn’t even do it, it would be even more impossible to find someone else.

Did he really have to go to Hathaway’s woman?

And the woman named Wen Shiyu, didn’t Kathleen say she didn’t have any background, could it be that Kathleen was hiding something?


Meanwhile, this side of the villa.

Xu Yan knocked on the door and walked into the study.

He had hurried over from China only because Feng Shenye had been injured in the past two days.

After entering, he stood respectfully in the middle of the room and reported, “President, the matter you explained has been done, and according to your instructions, in the short term, Cathleen will not be able to get out.”

“Very good.” Feng Shenye nodded in satisfaction and ordered again, “Keep a close eye on this matter, I don’t want to hear news of Cathleen coming out early in a few days.”


Xu Yan nodded his head and received his orders.

After the topic came to an end, Feng Shenye asked about the situation at home again, “How is the company now?”

“The company is now under the management of the second youngest, so there is no problem.”

Xu Yan answered truthfully and picked a few more big projects to report on their progress.

Feng Shenye nodded his head, he was still at ease with his brother.

He then asked, “What about the old man’s side?”

“The old man hasn’t been very happy since he went back last time.”

Xu Yan said, his expression hesitant.

Seeing this, Feng Shenye frowned and said, “Just say what you want to say, don’t hesitate.”

Upon hearing this, Xu Yan hurriedly spoke out the matter that was nagging at the back of his mind.

“It’s like this, these days you are not here, Miss Mu Wanxian and the old man are very diligent in their dealings, should we have someone stop them?”

At these words, Feng Shenye narrowed his eyes.

He knew very well what the old master had in mind.

At the same time, he also knew that the more he obstructed, the more the old master would come.

“No need, since they like to toss and turn, let them do so.”

Xu Yan nodded his head, and then retreated.


In the theatre.

Laurin finally had no choice but to come to Hathaway.

When Hathaway saw him, it was a look of disdain, “What are you doing here?”

“If it wasn’t for Kathleen, do you think I’d come?”

Laurin disliked people while sitting nonchalantly on Hathaway’s office chair, “I’ve been looking for someone to rescue Cathleen for the past two days, originally Cathleen was supposed to be released today, but the police changed their mind at the last minute, and I can’t think of any other way at the moment, so next I want you to find connections and make sure you get Cathleen out for me. ”

“I’ve already looked for connections, but none of my friends, are that capable ……”

Speaking of this matter, Hathaway was also a bit self-conscious.

After all, she was only a musician and most of the people she knew were music related.

Then again, she was still in a foreign country, so how could she possibly have that many contacts.

When Lauryn heard this, her face immediately hardened and she couldn’t help but scold.

“I told you a long time ago that Kathleen had no future at all with you, you insisted on stealing custody from me, and now well, my daughter is suffering in jail because of you.”


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