Always Been Yours Chapter 783

She did not move to change her voice and instructed the male make-up artist.

The male make-up artist narrowed his eyes slightly, looked towards Wen Shiyu with some suspicion and refused, “Miss Wen, in your current situation, I suggest it is better to go to the lounge to rest.”

With those words, he took Wen Shiyu out of the dressing room without a word, and the route he took was not the one leading to the lounge.

Wen Shiyu’s face changed slightly when she saw this.

“I’m not going to the lounge, send me back to the lobby.”

She struggled and refused to leave with the male make-up artist.

Seeing this, the male make-up artist knew that Wen Shiyu had sensed that something was wrong, and stopped pretending.

“You have to go even if you don’t!”

He dragged Wen Shiyu away with force.

Wen Shiyu wanted to struggle, but it was already too late.

The medicine in her body had fermented and her entire body had become weak, feeling like she was struggling to even speak.

In the end, she could only let the male make-up artist take her in the direction of the back door with her eyes wide open.

Meanwhile, a black business car pulled up at the back door.

Laurin sat in the car, a cigar in one hand, looking smug.

He raised his hand to look at the time, about the time they had agreed, and ordered his men, “Open the doors and make the pick-up.”

The men nodded and opened the car door.

Only they waited for several days, but no one was waiting.

Laurin frowned unhappily, “What the hell, what’s taking so long and still no one has been brought out?”

Unbeknownst to him, the man he was waiting for was intercepted halfway down the road.

“Who are you people?”

The male make-up artist looked at the few people who suddenly appeared in front of him and was somewhat vain and scared.

His intuition told him that these people were not to be messed with.

These people, none other than Xu Yan, who had been sent by Feng Shenye to secretly protect Wen Shiyu, as well as the escort bodyguards.

Ever since the last time Wen Shiyu said that Laorui En had made a scene at the theatre, Feng Shenye had been on guard against this man.

Now something had really happened.

Xu Yan swept a glance at the already unconscious Wen Shiyu, and his eyes were full of hostility as he stared at the male make-up artist, “Something that doesn’t know how to live and die, even our young lady dares to move, do you want to die?”

At these words, the male make-up artist had already guessed that Xu Yan and the others had sent their bodyguards to protect Wen Shiyu, and his expression was astonished.

He gritted his teeth and said, “We all work for money, how about this, as long as you let me take this woman away, I will have my boss give you a substantial amount of hush money.”

Xu Yan was a little taken aback.

This was because he had not expected that this male make-up artist would want to counter-attack them.

Unfortunately, even if they had more money, they had to have the life to spend it.

Who didn’t know that their president hated betrayal the most.

“It’s useless for you to say anything, it’s not good for me to give an account if I let you take away my young lady!”

After finishing his words, he immediately pa*sed a look to the escort bodyguards around him.

A few people would understand and very tacitly launched an attack on the male make-up artist.

“Be careful, don’t hurt young madam.”

Xu Yan admonished uneasily from the side.

When the male make-up artist heard this, his mind was instantly made up.

He had originally used Wen Shiyu to threaten these people, but before he could make a move, one of the guards seized the opportunity and saved Wen Shiyu from him with a false shot.

Not long after, the male make-up artist was also tackled.

Xu Yan ordered directly, “Take the man down and keep him under good guard, and wait for the president to come and send him off at a later time.”

The guards nodded and took the male make-up artist away.

Xu Yan then personally helped Wen Shiyu to the lounge.

When Feng Shenye received Xu Yan’s message, he immediately rushed over from the VIP seats.

He had not brought Little Treasure with him, mainly because he did not want the little one to worry.

It was only when he saw Wen Shiyu lying on the sofa, unconscious, that his face instantly turned ugly.

“What’s going on here?”

His gaze shot sharply at Xu Yan, and the air pressure around him plummeted, as if the air around him had dropped several degrees in ice at this moment.

Xu Yan felt the overwhelming pressure, his heart and soul fluttered, and he dared not slacken off, “Young Madam is fine, she was just dazed.”

Even so, Feng Shenye’s body was surrounded by a fierce aura.

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