Always Been Yours Chapter 784

Xu Yan was frightened, but still persuaded with a stiff upper lip, “Don’t worry President, I have contacted Evil Night to come over, with him around, it shouldn’t affect Young Madam’s performance.”

Evil Night was Feng Shenye’s subordinate and a world-famous doctor.

Hearing these words, Feng Shenye’s face finally eased up a little.

Of course, he could have taken Wen Shiyu directly to the hospital, but he just didn’t want to see Wen Shiyu’s face when she woke up, blaming herself and feeling sad because she had delayed the performance.

Just like that, he stood by Wen Shiyu’s side and waited for Evil Night to come over.

In the lounge, there was silence.

Feng Shenye stared at Wen Shiyu without blinking a single glance, his expression too gentle for words.

At this time, Hathaway also got the news and rushed over.

When she saw Wen Shiyu, who was unconscious on the sofa, she was worried, “What’s wrong with Shiyu?”

Feng Shenye looked at her with a cold expression, but still informed the situation as it was.

“Laurie En had someone charm Shiyu and intended to kidnap her, but was stopped by my men.”

Hearing this, Hathaway’s face instantly sank.

However, what she was most worried about now was Wen Shiyu’s body, “Since Shiyu has been poisoned, Mr. Feng should hurry up and send Shiyu to the hospital, I will take care of the performance.”

Because of these words, Feng Shenye’s face towards her eased up quite a bit.

This teacher was still reliable.

“No need, I’ve already asked the doctor to rush over, it won’t affect the performance either, but we need to change the order of the performance.”

“That’s fine, I’ll go and arrange it now.”

Hathaway nodded and turned to leave.

Half an hour later, the lounge door was pushed open again and a man in a leather suit pushed his way in.

The man was not very old, twenty-five or twenty-six, handsome and extraordinary with a bit of evil, with an indescribable feeling all over.

This man was none other than Evil Night.

He looked at Feng Shenye, who looked gentle, and his eyes flashed with amazement.

After all, he had never seen such a gentle boss before.

He looked curiously at the woman on the sofa, not to mention it was oddly pretty.

So the boss liked this.

He sighed in his heart, but on the surface he greeted in a serious manner, “Boss.”

“Come over and check, I want you to wake the person up without hurting her body.”

Feng Shenye said and got up to make way for Evil Night to examine him.

After a simple examination, Evil Night confirmed, “Young Madam has been poisoned by a powdered ecstasy that entered through her nasal cavity, so it’s easy to wake her up, just feed her some medicine and it won’t hurt her body.”

However, as soon as the words fell, they were refuted.

“No, young madam is pregnant, you can’t use medicine indiscriminately.”

Feng Shenye looked at Evil Night with a serious expression, “Is there a way not to use medicine.”

Evil Night faintly froze.


This was too fast of a move from the boss.

Although he was surprised, he didn’t forget the business and nodded, “There is a way to do it without using medicine, you can use needles to stimulate the acupuncture points.”

Saying that, he began to prepare.

At these words, Feng Shenye nodded his head and stood to the side, quietly watching Evil Night apply the needles.

A few minutes later, Wen Shiyu woke up.

Only when she saw the unfamiliar Evil Night, she was very startled.

“Don’t you touch me.”

She panicked and pushed Evil Night away, then instinctively protected her stomach.

Seeing this, Feng Shenye immediately walked over from the side and hugged the frightened Wen Shiyu, “Don’t be afraid, he’s the doctor I found, you weren’t taken.”

Hearing the familiar voice, Wen Shiyu’s panicked heart suddenly calmed down.

She was very relieved and backed out of Feng Shenye’s arms, turning her head to look at Evil Night apologetically, “I’m sorry, I was too nervous just now.”

“It’s alright, I can understand.”

Evil Night said, standing aside with great discernment.

And at this time, Wen Shiyu also remembered about the performance, grabbed Feng Shenye’s arm and asked anxiously, “How long have I been unconscious, has the performance started yet?”

“Don’t worry, the show hasn’t started yet, I asked your teacher to switch the order of appearance.”

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