Always Been Yours Chapter 785

Feng Shenye soothed Wen Shiyu.

When Wen Shiyu listened, she was a little thankful.

Luckily, the performance was not delayed.

After putting her heart down, she remembered that she had almost been kidnapped and couldn’t help but inquire, “What happened to me before?”

“It was Laurian who tried to kidnap you and save Cathleen.”

Feng Shenye didn’t hold back and gave a general account of what happened.

“They went too far!”

Wen Shiyu was angry and still a bit scared.

Looking at his exasperated little wife, Feng Shenye once again comforted her, “Don’t be angry, leave this matter to me, the important thing for you now is to concentrate on the performance.”

Indeed, the most important thing now was the performance.

Wen Shiyu nodded her head and looked at Feng Shenye gratefully again, “Fortunately, you were there.”

Obviously, the reason she could be saved in time was because Feng Shenye had expected this to happen and had therefore arranged for Xu Yan to secretly protect himself in advance.

Thinking of this, her heart was warm and sweet.

It was time for the performance.

Wen Shiyu said goodbye to Feng Shenye and went backstage.

Feng Shenye also went back to the VIP seats.

When little Bao’er saw him, she immediately put on a small face and questioned, “Daddy, you’ve been out for so long, did you sneak off to look for mommy behind my back again.”

“Your mommy had something to ask me for help, so she went over there.”

Feng Shenye concealed the truth and explained.

Of course, he could have lied, he just didn’t want to lie to the child.

Little Bao’er didn’t know this.

He was upset to hear that daddy had gone to see mummy and actually didn’t take him with him.

“Bad daddy, even if you steal mummy from me every day, you don’t even take me with you when you go to see mummy, I don’t want to care about you anymore.”

The little guy clasped his hands to his chest indignantly and deliberately skimmed his head.

Just at this time, the host on the stage below took the microphone and announced, “Now we have the members of our Hathaway II group to perform on stage.”

Feng Shenye looked at the angry little treasure and laughed, “Your mummy is about to take the stage, are you sure you don’t want to watch?”

When he heard that his mummy was going to be on stage, little Bao’er didn’t care about being angry and stared at the stage with bated breath.

He soon saw Wen Shiyu at the front of the crowd and forgot that he was still angry, exclaiming, “Daddy, Mummy is so beautiful tonight.”

“Very pretty indeed.”

Feng Shenye gazed at his little wife on the stage, only feeling that at this moment, her wife was filled with a dazzling light.

Shortly afterwards, a beautiful melody started to play.

Without surprise, it was an aural feast.

Especially in the middle minutes, Wen Shiyu played alone, and that exquisite zither skill was a shock to the whole audience!

Feng Shenye and Xiao Bao’er watched the whole thing from the VIP seats on the first floor, their eyes full of pride.

Seeing that the performance had already started, but the men were late in bringing the people over, Laurie En couldn’t help but feel anxious in his heart.

“Could there have been some kind of accident?”

He frowned and muttered to himself.

The next second, he decided to go in and see for himself.

No matter what, he was definitely going to take Wen Shiyu tonight.

Soon, he led his men in through the back door.

“You guys go in and find someone, no matter what method you use, you must bring that woman Wen Shiyu out to me.”

Laurin stood in the corridor and ordered his men.

His men nodded and took orders, and were about to disperse to find someone.

Unexpectedly, at that moment Xu Yan walked out from the side with his escort bodyguards.

“Are you looking for our young lady?”

He looked at Laurie En with cold eyes, his smile not reaching the bottom of his eyes, “I’m really sorry, our young lady is performing, she doesn’t have time to come see you.”

When Laurie En saw Xu Yan, his face instantly sank.

He knew Xu Yan and knew that this person was Feng Shenye’s a*sistant by his side.

Obviously, his intentions were already known to the other party, and even the person he had arranged to come in before had already been caught by them.

But he didn’t take it to heart, after all, Feng Shenye was just a businessman, he didn’t need to be concerned at all.

“So what if it’s on show, there’s no one I want to catch that I can’t catch yet.”

He stared back at Xu Yan in an unbeatable manner, his temper arrogant.


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