Always Been Yours Chapter 794

In the living room, Pei Xin Yi had reacted from her daze.

She looked in the direction of the kitchen and was a little surprised.

It was because she didn’t expect Wen Shiyu to cook herself.

Did she know how to cook?

After all, in Pei Xin Yi’s opinion, Wen Shiyu, a person engaged in art, really did not seem like someone who could cook.

As she thought, she got up and went to the kitchen, she saw that Wen Shiyu had already tied her apron and looked presentable.

Even so, she still persuaded, “There is no need to cook, you are pregnant with a child, just leave this kind of things to the servants, you, just sit and enjoy yourself.”

“Indeed you can do that, it’s just that Shen Ye likes to eat what I cook, and he’s been quite tired these past two days, so I want to give him a tonic.”

Wen Shiyu actually heard the doubt in Pei Xin Yi’s words and smiled lightly back, “Don’t worry mum, the food I cook is still edible, and you don’t have to worry about me getting tired, I don’t actually do it often, before because of my pregnancy, plus violin training, Shen Ye has never let me do it, here for a rare time, I’ll prepare it.”

“Grandma, Mummy’s cooking is really delicious.”

Little Bao’er was also helping to speak from the side.

Pei Xin Yi gave him a look, and then saw Wen Shiyu talking to herself while working, her movements were skilful, not like she was acting, which dispelled any worries she had in her mind.

It didn’t take long for the delicious aroma of the meal to waft through the kitchen.

Little Bao’er was also worthy of being Wen Shiyu’s best supporter.

Even before he started eating, he was already praising her in various ways.

“It smells so good, Mummy I think I can definitely eat three big bowls of rice tonight.”

“Mummy, let me help you.”

The little one diligently helped Wen Shiyu serve the dishes, his mouth watering.

In no time, a plate of delicious dishes was served.

In the kitchen there was also a large pot of fresh soup that had been carefully simmered.

When the dishes were almost done, Feng Shenjin and Wen Jingchen arrived.

As soon as the two entered, they couldn’t help but yell out, “It smells so good.”

Hearing the sound, Wen Shiyu took Xiao Bao’er and Pei Xin Yi out of the kitchen to walk together.

They saw Feng Shenjin and his own brother standing in the living room.

Also with them was Feng Tianyi.

Seeing this, Wen Shiyu called out to the people in a good manner, “Dad, you’re here.”

“Grandpa, little uncle, uncle.”

Little Bao’er followed suit and called out to the others.

Feng Tianyi nodded his head, then saw the apron on Wen Shiyu’s body and looked puzzled, “Is this …… you?”

“I’m the one who cooked tonight, so Dad can try my cooking later.”

Wen Shiyu explained with a smile.

Feng Tianyi listened with a surprised face.

Because he thought the same as Pei Xin Yi, he thought that Wen Shiyu, who was engaged in art, should have ten fingers untouched by spring water.

He looked towards his wife with some suspicion.

Pei Xin Yi naturally understood what her husband meant and nodded gently.

It was Wen Jingchen, who was standing at the side, who frowned slightly.

He was a little distressed that his own sister was pregnant with a child and still cooking for so many people.

But he didn’t say anything.

At this time, Little Bao’er pounced and hugged Feng Tianyi’s side, and spoke in a milky voice, “Grandpa, Bao’er told you, Mommy’s cooking is delicious, Daddy and I like eating Mommy’s cooking the most.”

“Really? Then grandpa will have to have a good taste of it.”

Feng Tianyi affectionately took little Bao’er into his arms.

Pei Xin Yi watched the two grandfathers and grandsons interact with a gentle smile on her face.

She turned her head to look at Wen Shiyu and asked, “Is dinner ready?”

“Yes, just wait for Shen Ye to get up and then we can eat.”

Wen Shiyu responded with a smile.

Pei Xin Yi nodded and then called for Uncle Chen, asking him to go upstairs and call Feng Shen Ye down.

Not long after, Feng Shenye appeared in the living room.

When Wen Shiyu saw him, she immediately greeted him and said with concern, “Did you sleep well?”

“Quite well.”

Feng Shenye had a smile on his lips and nodded his head slightly, while naturally holding Wen Shiyu’s hand.

When he saw his parents were also there, he greeted them separately, “Dad, mum.”

“Since you’re up, let’s eat.”


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